Why Every New Hire Needs A Mentor

Written by Grovo

The best way to convey the value of constant development to new hires is to get them familiar with what proven success in your organization looks like. Give every rookie that joins your company a mentor to guide them. Choose mentors from among the best veteran performers at the organization, establish interface between them and new employees, and watch as your recruits onboard smoothly. Here’s why mentoring works:

  • It makes them feel valued. One of the best ways for an organization to show a new hire that they’re serious about development is to grant them the time of a senior employee. Rather than being a number in a freshman class, the mentee gets face-time with key players in a natural way.
  • They see a model of being. Presenting a recruit with a valuable contributor to emulate helps the newbie understand how to navigate office culture quickly.
  • Mentor and manatee.

    Mentor and manatee

    Gives visibility into other departments. Pair mentors with mentees from different business units. Not only does this endow the new hire with a more global view, but it also promotes cross-departmental empathy and collaboration.

  • Establishes a culture of learning. When a new hire hangs out with a mentor, the mentee enters a mode of easy study that paves the way for a larger habit of learning.

A good onboarding process begins long before orientation. It starts when the new recruit first agrees to join, and doesn’t ever end so much as it transitions into active and continual learning. With a mentorship program, new employees absorb the values of a culture in which performers advance through learning.

Manatee photo © Walker Stanberry