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Right Time, Right Content. Introducing Triggered Assignments

Written by Edmond Au

L&D admins have it tough. They’re charged with thinking strategically about their organization’s learning goals, and yet they need to spend a substantial amount of their time on the tedious task of organizing and assigning their trainings in a way that targets each employee’s unique needs.

That’s why empowering L&D admins with the right tools is, at its core, a crucial step to letting them drive employee learning. With the right tools they can spend less time on repetitive, cumbersome tasks and more time on the implementation and execution of big-picture strategies that drive learner engagement.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce a new feature in Grovo – triggered assignments – designed to help L&D admins scale learning campaigns by automatically delivering the right lesson to the right learner, when they need it.

Now, when you set up learning campaigns in Grovo, you can automatically assign content to learners based on important milestones or triggers, such as when a new hire is onboarded or when an employee joins a pre-defined group within Grovo (e.g. someone is promoted to a manager role).

Of course, you can still manually assign content when needed, and there are plenty of situations where that will be helpful. However, choosing triggered assignments is a great way to ensure you’re getting each learner the exact lessons they need, when they need them – so you can save L&D admins time while keeping ongoing programs running on auto-pilot.

How can you use triggered assignments to supercharge your learning program? Perhaps you want to automatically assign all new hires a welcome message from the CEO sharing the company values, mission, and vision. Or maybe you want to send targeted content to all Customer Success team members as soon as they join the Chicago office.

We’re excited to further expand how we’re using automation and integrations to help L&D teams quickly achieve their goals. Whether you’re using our user management API or out-of-the-box HRIS integrations to sync learners and their attributes (which in turn power our auto-updating smart groups and automatically assign content to new members), our goal is always to make it a cinch to set up and maintain engaging, targeted learning programs!

Current Grovo customers can set up this feature now.

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