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This Top 5 PR Agency Is Rethinking L&D For Modern Business

Written by Grovo

Today’s wired workforce is over lengthy presentations and hefty manuals for onboarding. Innovative companies are looking for solutions that simplify the whole process—and MSLGROUP is one such innovator.

MSLGrovoAs one of the world’s top five PR agencies, they service 25% of the 100 most valuable global brands. So how does a multilingual organization like MSLGROUP streamline their diverse L&D needs? By partnering with Grovo, of course.

Through a combination of intuitive technology, microlearning content, and hands-on service, we crafted an elegant learning system to meet MSLGROUP’s diverse messaging challenges.

The partnership began when the agency sought a more consistent way to describe their massive repertoire: 30 offerings in a multitude of service areas. PowerPoints and webinars were no longer cutting it. MSLGROUP knew they needed a more scalable approach to training employees, and a more sophisticated way to communicate with clients.

WATCH: Jeff Melton and Rachel Nathanson discuss MSLGROUP’s partnership with Grovo:

Jeff Melton, SVP of Global Technology & Platforms at MSLGROUP, first noted Grovo’s shared passion for short-form content, stating that, “As marketers of modern social content, we know that attention spans are waning. We have to be smarter about our approach.”

So the company looked to Grovo to help rethink their strategy. The result was a customized library of high-quality, short-form video lessons explaining MSLGROUP’s products and services, with built-in assessments to measure effectiveness. “This solution is something that we haven’t seen in this industry before,” says L&D veteran Rachel Nathanson, MSLGROUP’s manager of training and development in North America. “With Grovo, we have a solution that can keep up with us.”

Melton went on to say that Grovo gave him “an alternative way to explain something; I could answer a question with a simple link. This is huge.” Since then, the feedback has been impressive. Melton recalls a meeting where he showed a client one of the program’s videos, and the client responded, “That’s perfect. This point of view is spot on. What are next steps?” Business opportunities like this offer MSLGROUP the tangible results they didn’t expect from a basic LMS. With Grovo, they’re getting more than they imagined.

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