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The Secret to Building Successful Strategies

Written by Grovo

Say you’ve come up with a brilliant idea for your company that could put your organization on the map. You pitch your leadership team, they back your plan, and you start to turn the whole thing into a reality. But how do you go from point A to Z? Check out Grovo’s learning track for new managers and senior leaders called, “Management: Build Strategic Plans.”

After all, creating an idea is important, but on its own, vision is just a vague destination: ‘Let’s go to California!” California is a big place. In order to get there, you need to have a position in mind, and a navigation system to get there. Let strategy and planning be your roadmap.

Of course, this strategic road-trip does require a few more stops to ensure a smooth ride. For starters, managers need to set clear expectations about who’s driving and who’s navigating so roles are clear. Best to take stock of your resources before you embark—don’t get stuck without car snacks, yo!—to keep everyone motoring between pit stops. And best of all, if you’ve done a good job letting folks know where they need to end up, changing direction is okay. Back roads and shortcuts won’t matter if the end-game is clear.

Grovo’s learning track includes lessons like, “Define and Understand the Problem,” “Get Individual and Team Goals Aligned,” and “Develop Influence.”

Ready to take off? Learn how to think and plan strategically to transform your best ideas into your most impactful success stories.