What It Takes To Retain Millennial Employees

Retain Employees
Written by Grovo

Millennials are a different breed of employee. They want purpose more than a paycheck, the opportunity to grow, and meaningful work. Can companies deliver millennials what they need to engage them?

At the heart of this issue often lies a misalignment of values. Millennials view work through an entirely different lens, one that prioritizes personal fulfillment and professional development (rare and varied depending on employer) over cash bonuses and 401(k) programs (which are commodities many companies provide).

In our brand new white paper, The Disappearing Act: Why Millennials Leave Companies—And How L&D Can Entice Them To Stay we reveal the 5 key values millennials are looking for an employer. Plus, we give you 15 actionable tips and ideas you can use for supporting those values and creating an organization where millennials love to work.

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