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Stay Focused on What’s Important


We all know staying on task is hard, and as new technology continues to make life more complex, staying focused and productive becomes even more difficult.  Each new device in your pocket increases the number of possible distractions.

In the flurry of texts, tweets, snaps, news stories, company emails, and cute animal pics we often lose sight of the fact that the technology we have at our disposal is intended not just to entertain us but also to make us more efficient workers.  To help you navigate the information overload, Grovo is bringing you a few basic techniques that will help you stay focused longer and live a healthier, more productive life.

1. Build Good Work Habits

  • One of the keys to working effectively despite information overload is to attack it at the source, by controlling when and where you interact with certain information.
  • Building good work habits like only checking your company email every two hours, staying off social media sites during business hours, and only using your personal phone during breaks can help you stay laser-focused.

2.  Strike a Heathy Work-Life Balance

  • The proliferation of technology does more than allow your personal life to distract you during the work day, it also allows work to follow you home.
  • Being constantly connected to the office effectively destroys your leisure time.
  • In order to leave your work in the office and be able to truly relax during your time off, it is important that you put some barriers in place.

3.  Tools to Help You Make These Changes

  • One tool you can use is the SelfControl app, which allows you to add URLs to a blacklist, blocking your computer’s access to them for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Things like running apps in full-screen mode and drowning out background noise with headphones can also help you eliminate clutter and focus on the task at hand.

These tips should have set you up to have a more productive day. Let us know what tools you use to stay focused @Grovo!