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Grant Powers on Grovo
Written by Grovo

L&D’s role has spread well beyond content creation and distribution. These days facilitating learning more broadly may mean empowering managers and other professionals at an organization to take learning into their own hands. To do this, managers need more information and tools to get involved. They need the “power” to help.

Which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of Powers, Grovo’s new way of giving users access to specific features.

Whether it’s a local L&D manager who needs to create and deliver trainings to their office, or a frontline manager who needs visibility into their team’s reporting, Powers has you covered.

Let’s say you have a new sales manager. She’s eager to start sending trainings to her team, but you want to ensure she’s using high quality trainings you’ve already created. With Powers, you can grant her the power to assign pre-created trainings to her team without the ability to create new ones herself. If she exhibits further interest, giving her access to create is as easy as a single click.

An elegant interface with power under the hood

When it comes to user permissions most software ends up with lots of features and a cumbersome experience, or bare bones functionality that doesn’t solve the real problem. We strongly believe in launching quickly and iteratively so we can partner with our customers to build the right things. Without that commitment to learning with our customers, we wouldn’t have been able to take something complex and strike an elegant balance of usability and functionality.

Evolution of powers through several rounds of launching and iterating with customers.

Evolution of powers through several rounds of launching and iterating with customers.

We’ve bucketed the most important functionalities based on what managers need to do their jobs better for an easier experience. Even better, we built it so you can customize a manager’s powers by specific groups. Now you’ll be able to grant anyone the power to:

  • View reporting
  • Assign training
  • Create training
  • Manage people
  • Set powers
  • View account settings

If clunky systems and layers of complexity have you feeling overwhelmed, come see how Grovo could make your learning more effective and more efficient with Powers.

If you haven’t discovered Grovo yet, check out a demo and see a 21st century learning ecosystem in action.