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Amplify Your Team’s Learning by Sharing Content Where They Work

Written by Edmond Au

The ability to assign content through campaigns in Grovo is a powerful one. L&D admins, who work tirelessly with business leaders to craft learning strategies that help achieve business goals, are then able to simply go to Grovo’s Microlearning library to curate, package, and then ultimately assign to their learners. Campaigns allow L&D admins to quickly and easily drive learning initiatives throughout their company. It’s an admin-driven approach for the benefit of the learner and company.

But, with all due respect to our L&D admins, sometimes learners know best. There will be times when admins will want to make certain strategic campaigns open and available to everyone on an opt-in basis. That way learners can select their own assignments based on their own interests, preferences, and learning needs.

Today, we’re announcing self-enroll links to campaigns to support this exact use case–giving your learners a choice of what to learn, while still retaining the campaign functionality you’ve come to love: grading, multiple attempts, and progress tracking.

Now, whenever you create a campaign in Grovo, you’re free to share a self-enroll link with your learners. You can share it any way you want, whether it be on your intranet, through email or chat, or even in your LMS. And you can even decide to keep it open ended and not assign a specific due date so that your learners have maximum flexibility:


Once a learner clicks on the link, she self-enrolls in the campaign and from there enjoys the familiar assignment experience, from landing on the learner assignment details and starting the first lesson, to receiving helpful “due soon” or “overdue” reminder email notifications.

On the admin side, you’ll now be able to track which learners are self-enrolling in designated campaigns, as well as their progress:

self-enroll link

Are there campaigns you really want aspirational learners to discover on their own? Perhaps a first-time manager wants to brush up on her Interviewer training, or a new hire is interested in learning how to build a personal brand? Share links to these campaigns and let your learners decide!

As always, we’re hard at work in providing the tools and services to supercharge your learning program to drive learner engagement–we’d love to hear about interesting ways you’re using this functionality, as well as any feedback!

Current Grovo customers can set up this feature now.

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