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Welcoming Rob Reid to Grovo’s Board of Directors

Welcoming Rob Reid to Grovo’s Board of Directors
Written by Steven Carpenter

Today, I am proud and thrilled to share that Rob Reid, former CEO of Intacct and current Managing Director, Executive Vice President at Sage Intacct, has joined our Board of Directors.

Rob stands out as an expert in SaaS go-to-market models, and he brings deep experience in building repeatable marketing and sales campaigns to help startups compete against much larger competitors. A successful multi-time CEO, I’m incredibly honored to have Rob join me and my other Board members, where he will lend his invaluable insights to our experienced leadership team as we continue to equip employees to thrive.

“I’ve been watching Grovo’s growth and success over the last year, and I am honored to join such a strong team, led by CEO Steve Carpenter, all of whom are passionate about remaking corporate learning,” said Rob Reid, Board of Directors, Grovo. “Grovo has already proven itself as a leader with its approach to Microlearning® content and delivery, and I am excited about the company’s future.”

Under Rob’s direction and guidance as CEO of Intacct, he led the company through a phase of intense scaling to an eventual $850 million acquisition by Sage in 2017. Rob’s numerous awards are a testament to the great leadership he brings to teams–Glassdoor’s highest-rated CEO for Small and Medium Sized Companies, Growth Capital’s highest-rated CEO in Financial Technology, CEO World Awards’ Gold Winner, most Customer Centric. He was also just ranked as one of the best CEOs for women in a new report on leadership across companies.

Rob is a gifted product, sales, and marketing-focused software executive who is also maniacal about customer satisfaction. In the past year of us getting to know one another, he has been an invaluable mentor to me as our shared leadership styles are similarly focused on building winning teams based around strong and inclusive cultures.

On a personal level, Rob cares deeply about family and enjoying the important things in life. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome him as our first independent director to help Grovo in our next stage of growth. Welcome aboard, Rob!

To learn more about Rob Reid and his new appointment to Grovo’s Board of Directors, read the full press release.