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Grovo Product Update: Create Highly-targeted Learning Campaigns With Improved Groups Feature

Written by Edmond Au

In a fast-paced workplace, learning needs to be more relevant than ever. Delivering the right training content to the right learner at the right time is more likely to make an impact than simply making a library of general content available that isn’t aligned to a learner’s particular needs.

But synchronizing those elements isn’t easy—especially for organizations in a state of constant flux. With roles and teams changing all the time, it’s hard to keep track of who needs what learning and when. But technology can help.

One way many learning professionals tackle this challenge is to group learners using a learning platform such as Grovo. In setting up learning programs with our customers, we’ve seen groups created around locations, departments, managers, and in many cases, a combination of the above. Organizing people in this way makes it faster and easier to drive targeted campaigns to a segment of users who share a common learning need.

How does Grovo’s improved Groups feature help you make learning more targeted? 

In building the latest release of Grovo’s microlearning platform, we identified a few key opportunities to take our Groups feature even further—so you can get even more targeted with what content you deliver to whom, while at the same time saving you time and effort by making the whole process simpler and more automated. Now you can:

Define learners your way with attributes

The better you can define each learner in your workforce, the easier it is to deliver them training content they’ll find truly useful. The new Grovo allows you to make it crystal clear who each of your learners are—down to the nitty gritty details—by tagging them with an unlimited number of user attributes.

We give you 14 standard and commonly used attributes right from the start—including Department, Role, and Report-to. But understanding that many of our customers have unique requirements, we’re also giving you the ability to define custom user attributes, too. Want to flag a user as PMP-certified through a checkbox option? Done. Want to tag users in designated development teams? Sure. Or how about selecting customer segment focus from a list of options? No problem.

Tag learners with user attributes to help Grovo better understand your workforce

With standard and custom attributes, you’re free to define your users in a way that lets you most effectively segment and target.

Group learners based on attributes

Now here’s where it gets interesting: once you’ve defined these attributes, you can then segment on them to create groups. Say you want to target customer success managers who have been with the company for over 3 months, are PMP-certified, and are located in San Francisco. All you have to do is check a few boxes and you can instantly create a group of users which match these 4 attributes.

Group your learners quickly and easily based on any combination of attributes

Conversely, you can also segment on users who don’t meet certain criteria.

Assign relevant trainings to groups

Once you’ve defined these groups based on user attributes, it’s easy to assign specific trainings to them that are related to their needs. Plus, groups are dynamic and always up-to-date. That means adding or editing a user’s attributes will automatically update her group memberships.

Deliver targeted learning campaigns that meet the unique needs of each learner

Making learning more effective through better targeting

Organizing your learners into groups is essential to running highly-targeted and efficient campaigns that are relevant for your people and your organization. That’s why we’re so excited to make these features available to you—so you can make your learning program setup and management even more productive and impactful.

If you’d like to see a full demo of the new Grovo, we’d love to give you one. Simply request one here and we’ll set it up!