More Power. Less Clutter.

Written by Grovo

In today’s distracted world, time and attention come at a premium. That’s why we’ve redesigned Grovo’s learner dashboard to cut through the clutter. Our revamped interface gives learners and admins a cleaner, more powerful learning experience than ever before. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with Grovo’s new and improved dashboards:

Empower managers to grow their teams

The first change you’ll notice is a new section called “Suggested.” This feature lets managers recommend content to their teams without fully assigning it. Learners will be able to see valuable content without being distracted from what they need to get done.

Reference your achievements

Learning something new is an incredible feeling that should be celebrated. We’ve created a dedicated space for completed trainings so learners can reflect on and reference their achievements while making the home page cleaner.

Monitor engagement over time (quickly)

The question we hear most frequently from L&D professionals is, “How engaged are my learners?” Grovo has always been able to run these reports, but we wanted to make it even simpler. So we created a new Engagement dashboard—one glance and you’ll immediately know the health of your learning program, and whether it’s trending up or down. Oh, and did we mention it’s lightning-fast?

Grovo's new Engagement dashboard

Grovo’s new Engagement dashboard

This is just the beginning of the big projects we’re cooking up in 2016, and can’t wait to share them with you.

If you’re already using Grovo, and want to help contribute to our projects, let your Client Services team know. We’re always looking for more feedback.  

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