Microlearning New Content

Announcing New Lessons on Parental Leave & Work-Life Integration for Parents

Written by Rae Feshbach

Achieving work-life “balance” sometimes feels more like a tug-of-war than a balancing act. But for parents (and new parents especially) it can often feel like both sides are losing. You can’t just be a parent before nine and after five—you’re always on, even when you’re at work. The more employers support that duality, the better for everyone. That’s why we need a shift. Instead of talking about work-life balance, we need work-life integration.

Our new content for working parents is focused on how new or soon-to-be parents and their managers can work together to create a collaborative, supportive environment where working parents can thrive. We cover everything a parent needs to know about the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, and go into detail on two key components: planning and flexibility.

Successful planning can help expecting parents appropriately account for all of their responsibilities while they’re out and when they return. While building flexibility into the plan means parents and employers can be prepared for the unexpected (which, let’s face it, is inevitable.)

Grovo’s latest Microlearning® content from producer Ike Wilson covers what employees and managers need to know under FMLA, and so much more. Featuring contributions from managers, mental health experts, and experienced working parents, these new lessons cover topics including:

  • Basics of the FMLA: Learn your rights under the federal law, and how to find out about state, local, and company policies that might extend your coverage.
  • Planning Your Parental Leave: Learn when and how to tell your employer that you’re expecting, and how to make your transitions in and out of work smooth for everyone involved.
  • Managing Time and Stress as a Working Parent: Whether you’re new to parenting or dealing with rebelling teenagers, learn how to integrate your two selves and work with your manager and team to create a flexible and collaborative environment that will enable you to do your best.
  • Supporting a Parent on Your Team: For managers needing to support new parents, learn your responsibilities under FMLA, as well as how to set up a parent-friendly culture that helps your new parents continue to contribute to their fullest potential.

The days when people have to choose between their career and parenting are over, and we’re here to help new parents and employers navigate their leave. It’s not just required by FMLA—it’s best for businesses and for families. Get started with one of our new lessons: What is Work-Life Integration?