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How One Trucking Company Saves $900 Per Driver With Smarter Training

Written by Grovo

Kim Beck-Hermes is the Director of Training and Development at Mesilla Valley Transportation, a large trucking company based in the Southwest United States. Speaking with Kim, you can tell she enjoys her work—but it’s not always easy.

When Kim took on the role two years ago, “nobody was excited about training,” she says. “People dreaded going and sitting in a classroom for an hour. And on top of that, to expect people to take assessments afterwards? It was just too much.”

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By mid-2015, Kim and her team had partnered with some digital content creators and had an online learning system in place, but their solution was far from serving the needs of the organization. “The platform was horrible,” says Kim. “Being held back by a service that you’ve paid for is the worst. Plus we needed a way to upload, control, and deliver content in any environment.”

That need is what led Kim and her team to explore other options, eventually choosing to work with us here at Grovo. She liked the fact that our platform could give her the power and flexibility she needed for MVT’s fast-paced business. Beyond that, she was intrigued by what benefits our shorter microlearning content might have for her learners. “Microlearning is quick, sweet, and to the point,” she says. “That’s what drew me to it.”

Boasting one of the greenest fleets in the world, MVT takes a progressive approach in both training and business strategy.

Boasting one of the greenest fleets in the world, MVT takes a progressive approach in both training and business strategy.

Kim partnered with Grovo and began using the product to train staff on soft skills, later adding driver training and orientation. “At first people were skeptical,” says Kim, “but they took to Grovo very quickly. We’ve had training programs that were created, delivered, and completed in a matter of days because people like the platform better than sitting in a classroom.” Beyond being more engaging, training with Grovo is proving to be more effective too. Since using Grovo, Kim reports MVT doesn’t need to run as many repeat trainings.

“Microlearning is quick, sweet, and to the point. That’s what drew me to it.”
– Kim Beck-Hermes, Director of Training and Development at MVT

Not only was Kim able to get people trained quickly, effectively, and even pleasantly using Grovo, but she was also able to help bolster MVT’s bottom line. With the implementation of driver training, MVT is saving about $900 per driver, approximately $1.5 million a year.

“We’re super proud of what we’ve done,” says Kim. “We’re trying to make learning as fun as possible, not a punishment.” Here at Grovo, we’re honored to help Kim and her team move that vision a little further down the road.