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How One Busy Manager Uses Microlearning to Find Focus

Light Bulb - LivePerson and Grovo
Written by Grovo

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving workplace it can be a challenge for managers to keep their skills sharp and their teams productive. But the best ones always find a way.

One such manager is Aaron Siegel, a customer value manager at LivePerson, a real-time customer support and engagement provider. He’s seen it all when it comes to training—with mixed results. Aaron took time out from his busy schedule to discuss his training experiences and how Grovo has made a difference in how he learns and performs at work.

Q: What has training been like for you at other companies?

A: When I’ve done training in the past, just sitting in front of a machine for a day or two, constantly clicking through the lessons, it hasn’t been the most rewarding experience for me. I didn’t feel connected to the content coming through that experience. I may not have learned everything. It was very cold.

Q: How is Grovo different?

A: Grovo is very warm and inviting. The content is meaningful for my role, and helps me become more successful. In contrast to the “click, click, click,” Grovo has interactive features like quizzes. We have some saucy questions in the quizzes that help to make sure that you’re paying attention. Sometimes, there are exercises that require you to reach out to a colleague or manager about what you’ve learned, which is much more impactful than clicking all the way through by yourself at a computer.

Q: You mentioned that Grovo helps you become more successful. How so?

A: Training happens in many formats—videos, PDFs, quizzes, exercises that are all quick and easy to use. It allows me to understand what is happening in the organization from a process perspective, from a vision perspective, from a company perspective. I can even drill down further into that and understand, “What should I be focusing on in my day-to-day, and how do I work through everything I need to do?” Grovo’s trainings help me determine where to focus.

Q: What’s the user experience like with Grovo?

A: All the noise floats away. I’m able to focus on the content. It’s very easy for me to view a video, then a PDF, move on to another exercise, and then all the way through to the assessment at the end. It tells me where I am in the process. Because it’s so easy to use, I can focus on the content.

Q: How has Grovo changed the way you think about training?

A: My day-to-day at LivePerson is pretty busy, working with our brands. A fire may come up, I may have a pressing project to work on, but I know my personal development is important and always there for me when I have a few minutes. Having short and concise pieces of content sent my way allows me to consume the information, and then also very quickly move back to my role and apply what I learned. Often, my attention span is fairly short, so having the short information allows me to pick up those talk tracks and have it make an impact on my brain—more than a long, drawn-out content that doesn’t necessarily stick. At LivePerson, we’re all about meaningful connections, so Grovo fits our culture.

Thanks for taking the time to chat Aaron! We appreciate it, and your comments are right on the money. These are the exact reasons we’re so vocal about the power of microlearning and how it can help us all take our work and careers to the next level.