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A Note From Our CEO: L&D’s Time in the Sun

Written by Steven Carpenter

At Grovo, we’re on a mission to redefine workplace learning to help companies thrive. On-the-job learning is more valuable than ever in our fast-paced global economy where a company’s people are its biggest competitive advantage. Our goal is to make knowledge workers and L&D professionals great at their jobs, and we’re doing that by offering the best learning experience, microlearning content, and instructional design in the market.

Here are 3 reasons why I’m passionate about Grovo’s opportunity to help our customers get ahead.  

The L&D market is massive and entering a period of profound change.

Companies across the U.S. are spending $10B+ annually on traditional training technology and content- and $80B a year in total on training! That’s a lot of wasted time and money spent on something that’s simply not working. And L&D is too critical to worker development and business success to just settle for business as usual.

The last few years of industry disruption have served as a wake-up call to customers and learners alike. The strategic importance of L&D has grown, the Board and C-suite recognize its power as a mechanism to drive business results, and companies are realizing the need to be innovative with software and services just as they have in other business functions. Just as we’ve seen happen in verticals like sales or marketing, the L&D customer is now becoming both a key business partner and a sophisticated and powerful technology buyer.

With L&D’s importance to how modern-day companies attract the best people, grow and retain talent, and maximize engagement and productivity, learning tech that combines a consumer-oriented mindset with effective instructional design will win. From faster onboarding times to more effective first-time manager training, companies that embrace continuous training on both soft and hard skills can distance themselves from their competition.

Microlearning works, and Grovo customers are loving it.

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you took a training course at work and were blown away by both the modern, relevant content and a user experience you’ve come to expect from online media services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime? Like, never. As consumers, we’re used to technology that prioritizes great user experience, and we expect the same in our work lives—just as Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce do—and L&D is no different.

Grovo has long been the leader in microlearning, a modern approach to workplace learning that uses short, immediately applicable, and relevant bursts of content. As employees, this keeps our attention and yields lasting gains in retention and performance so we learn more effectively. For L&D leaders, microlearning is 3x faster and 50% more cost-effective to develop than traditional training. People love it. And when they do, they use it.

This matters for businesses regardless of industry or size. Grovo is driving results for small companies and enterprises alike, in industries like health, energy, tech, finance, entertainment, and on and on. These are customers like Chevron, Capital One, the National Basketball Association, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and DDB Worldwide and we’re proud to be on the journey to redefine learning with them.

Content creation and instructional design, integrations, and ease of use make our new platform a game-changer.

Today we unveiled a brand new platform that magnifies the value of Grovo’s microlearning content library and instructional design. We’ve now combined an intuitive learner experience, a suite of content creation tools, and smarter assignment and reporting capabilities so companies can quickly get effective learning to those who need it, in the way they need it. You can read all about the product and features here.

More, we’ve also partnered with leading talent solutions like Cornerstone OnDemand, Namely, and Zenefits, because Grovo integrates with the existing HR stack to work seamlessly in any environment or with any approach. We’re building a product for employees, people managers, and L&D teams—and to fulfill that promise, it’s important that we can improve, not replace, the systems at the heart of our customers’ organizations.

It’s been an exciting first few months for me as Grovo’s CEO–this team is on a roll as we continue to focus on being the best technology and microlearning content provider in the market. We’ve brought on new customers like PepsiCo and Gap Inc. We recently welcomed a new board member, Costanoa’s Martina Lauchengco. We have a new round of financing led by long-time investor Accel Partners. And we’re hiring in both our New York and San Francisco offices.

Most of all, I’m thrilled to see L&D finally getting its day in the sun after years of waiting. Business results do not lie—companies that establish a culture of learning within their workforce outperform those who do not. And those are the places where the best people will want to work. With nearly 80% of talent development professionals planning to invest in microlearning this year, we’re inspired to help even more companies and employees thrive.