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Meet the Next Generation of Grovo: The Microlearning Platform Built for Today’s Fast-Changing Workplace

Written by Grovo

Learning is the lifeblood of the modern organization. Learning organizations think faster. They adapt with greater agility. People who work at organizations with strong learning cultures are more engaged, more productive, and less likely to head for greener pastures. And the list goes on.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce today’s release of the next generation of Grovo’s microlearning platform. With this release we’ve taken our microlearning philosophy even further, leaning in to the toughest challenges facing L&D teams today, and striving once again to reinvent what learning can do and be in today’s fast-changing workplace.

What’s new?

As our new CEO wrote earlier today, “in a fast-paced global economy, on-the-job training and development is more valuable than ever.” Over the last seven years we’ve learned a great deal about what makes microlearning work. From how to engage busy employees, to how to create content that sticks, to how to sync bursts of learning to moments of need, it’s all baked into this release. Let’s dive into the details:

Engage learners with a beautifully simple, immersive, and personalized experience

No matter how great your content is, it can’t impact anyone’s performance unless you compel them to consume it. That’s why our goal in designing our new learning experience was to create a daily learning destination people would love to return to again and again.

A personalized daily learning destination for every employee

From the moment learners land on their home screen, they’re encouraged to immediately dive in and start learning:

  • The featured lesson recommends what content learners should consume next, and makes it easy to get started on new assignments right away.
  • Assignments and due dates are clearly displayed on a personalized calendar to increase lesson consumption and completion rates.
  • Our award-winning library puts thousands of innovative card-based microlearning lessons on cutting-edge topics at learners’ fingertips
  • Discovering content is fast—learners can quickly browse by tag or search to get the content they need in the workflow

Unlike a YouTube-style experience that’s cluttered with ads and other distractions, the new Grovo lesson player is fully immersive—it literally takes over your whole browser so you feel completely submerged in a sea of knowledge.

With these features and many more, we hope to solve the engagement problem once and for all.

Easily create your own microlearning content (or repurpose ours)

Every organization has its own unique way of working—and regularly needs custom training content to support it. That’s why we enhanced the Grovo platform with a light, beautiful, do-it-yourself microlearning content creator.

Anyone at your organization can use it to quickly and easily create beautiful and effective microlearning lessons. You can build lessons from scratch or customize any lesson in our library. It’s a way to save time, save money, and increase your impact in one fell swoop:

Create your own microlearning content, or customize ours

Not only can you put this content creator in the hands of your admins or learning designers—but also your SMEs, managers, star performers, and anyone else with something valuable to teach others:

  • The card-based lesson format lets you blend videos, text, GIFs, documents, and more to create extra-zippy, extra-sticky multimedia content
  • Our pre-built templates make it turnkey for anyone to create quality content that lives into microlearning best practices
  • Editing content in real-time is easy so you can keep your content fresh and up-to-date no matter how quickly your org changes
  • Make any Grovo lesson your own by simply copying it, using it as a template, and adding to it or editing it as you see fit

This is a game-changer. In the past, learning technology vendors have tried to enable user-generated content creation. But the content quality was poor and inconsistent. Our new content creator gives anyone a way to create high-quality learning content that looks great and follows a proven microlearning methodology for changing behaviors.

Plan, automate, and report on learning across your organization

Finally, let’s talk about time. Or, lack of it. So many learning professionals waste their precious hours administering learning technology, when those hours would be far better spent imagining new learning initiatives, strategies, and approaches.

Enter Grovo’s new smart admin tools. Now you can build an intelligent learning program that will understand your workforce and run almost automatically based on rules, dates, deadlines, and topics that you can configure for your organization.

Build an intelligent learning program that understands your workforce

With the new Grovo, delivering learning across your organization will be easier than ever. You can:

  • Plan on-going campaigns based on pre-determined moments of need like new hire onboarding, first-time managers, and more
  • Automate lesson delivery of your campaigns based on an unlimited number of employee attributes, needs, or career milestones
  • Track performance on users, groups, content roles instantly without having to wait or request reports—then port the data wherever you want
  • Load people data from other HR systems for ultra-personalized point-of-need content delivery (eg: Trigger an onboarding training to be sent to all new engineering managers in Paris during their second week on the job)

Naturally we wanted to make the new Grovo work as seamlessly as possible with your existing HR tech. Our API allows you to integrate with your current HRIS or other LMS to sync your people data with your learning data, saving you time and hassle.

Relatedly, we’re also partnering with other forward-thinkers in the HR space such Cornerstone on Demand, Zenefits, and Namely. These partnerships will make it easier for businesses to seamlessly integrate Grovo’s microlearning content and technology with their existing HR platforms to accelerate employee development and drive performance.

We’re always building Grovo

Launching a new product is always exciting, but the truth is tomorrow we’ll all be right back at our machines coding, on the phones with customers, in the weeds researching, sweating over every pixel, debating over every lesson script, and so on.

Building Grovo is really a daily process. It’s a privilege to serve the learning community and we can’t wait to continue doing so with this new version of our product and beyond.

If you’d like to see a full demo of the new Grovo, we’d love to give you one. Simply request one here and we’ll set it up!