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Leaders at Every Level: Grovo’s New Leadership Bundle

Grovo Leadership Bundle
Written by John Marshall

Today’s workplaces are a far cry from the bureaucratic, rigidly hierarchical offices of two to three decades ago. Companies rely less on established pecking orders and predictable routines, instead calling on their employees to take ownership, influence without authority, and make tough decisions in the moment.

In the workplaces of yore, there was a word for these qualities: leadership. What’s different today is that leadership is no longer the sole purview of those with lofty titles. For better or worse (and we believe it’s for the better!), leadership is now everyone’s responsibility.

That’s why we’re announcing our new Leadership Bundle.

All employees must move projects, teams, and business forward

At Grovo, we believe leadership is developed continuously in the context of your work, no matter your level in an organization or what title you have. The Microlearning lessons in our Leadership Bundle focus on the most salient areas of leadership development. Every last topic, from “Building Smart Teams” to “Giving Performance Reviews,” treats leadership as a set of attainable skills, rather than a role that amounts to “telling people what to do.”

Organizations like Raymour & Flanigan and Asurint have long used Grovo to develop their employees in leadership and management. With our new offering focused on the best leadership content from our broader Microlearning library, we’re poised to help companies excel in three areas where many leadership programs fail:

1. Training only for “the top.” Our training is for everyone.

Leadership is a set of skills, not a single role; organizations of all sizes need employees who can move projects, teams, and business forward. Our Leadership Bundle provides pathways for three learner personas: individual contributors, frontline managers, and strategic leaders. That means that no matter what challenges your employees are facing – whether it’s setting a project plan or resolving conflict on their team – they’ll be supported through each new milestone.

2. Training that’s esoteric. Ours is designed with real teams in mind.

Leadership is hard work. Much of the leadership training out there addresses this fact through positive affirmations and lofty leadership philosophies; what learners really need are clear and practical steps they can apply in difficult times. Our lessons are designed around three pillars: Setting Direction, Team Dynamics & Growth, and Operations & Results. Whether you’re helping learners articulate their leadership vision or supporting them through the difficult process of terminating an employee, our lessons are designed with tangible learning objectives that can be applied in the context of work.

3. Training that’s forgettable. Ours is built to stick.

It’s one thing to get a burst of motivation from a classroom training once a year. It’s another to create long-term behavior change. Built with Grovo’s proprietary Microlearning framework, the Leadership Bundle is tailored for a new world of learning, with immersive yet focused multimedia lessons. Each lesson provides efficient, realistic, and transferable advice that make it easy to learn one new skill at a time – and to return whenever you need a refresher.

What’s included

Crafted by in-house learning experts with our proprietary Microlearning framework, the Leadership Bundle offers 475+ Microlearning lessons focused on the goal-setting, team dynamics, and operational excellence. Altogether, the bundle helps develop leadership at every level of your company.

  • Foster positive team dynamics and growth
  • Operate efficiently
  • Influence without authority
  • Coaching & delegating
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Find your leadership style
  • Performance reviews
  • Manage change
  • Interviewing effectively
  • Managing projects
  • Mindfulness for leaders
  • Setting goals
  • Motivating employees
  • Transition into leadership
  • Executive presence
  • Influence and inspire teams

Featuring Lange International executive communications

Today we’re also announcing the availability of our new executive communications content created in partnership with Lange International, and that content is included in our broader, 2500+ lesson Microlearning library, as well as in this Leadership Bundle. As Jenna Lange, CEO and founder of Lange International, says, “Successful teams have leaders that understand that every communication moment matters. We’ve partnered with Grovo to transform everyone into great communicators and leaders.” Read more about our partnership with Lange here.

Make the most of your leadership training budget

Grovo’s Leadership Bundle makes it easy to deploy this important training to your whole organization. With the bundle you also get access to Create for simple, quick creation and customization, to adapt learning to your organization, such as specifying company processes or linking to internal employee resources.

Additionally, you can use the Leadership Bundle with Grovo’s immersive, mobile-ready learning platform, or export to another LMS via AICC.

Plus, our award-winning customer support, prebuilt campaigns and learning pathways (best practices, curated learning maps) are available to help you kickstart your leadership strategy.

Get the Leadership Bundle

Leadership is required at every rung of today’s companies—whether it’s driving a project forward, creating a new business proposal, or actually leading a team. Now, with Grovo’s Leadership bundle, your people will learn the skills to rise to the challenge.

Learn more about the Leadership Bundle.