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New Microlearning eBook from Grovo: The Art & Science of Learning That Sticks

Written by Grovo

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our new microlearning eBook The Art & Science of Learning That Sticks, along with a companion webinar hosted by our Director of Learning Alex Khurgin (which you can stream further down the page).

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First, a bit of background

The world is changing faster and more frequently than ever and companies can’t keep up. In today’s business landscape 5-year-old startups disrupt 100-year-old companies, 10,000 baby boomers retire daily (and take their institutional knowledge with them), and the half-life of a learned skill is five years and falling.

In response to these challenges, many business leaders are seeking faster and more agile ways to continuously train their people. One of the most promising ways of doing that is microlearning. According to recent research from ATD, 92% of organizations plan on increasing their use of microlearning in the next year and industry thought leaders like Josh Bersin herald it as one of the “biggest and most important,” opportunities for the industry as a whole.

Why we wrote this book

With all this interest swirling around bite-sized training, there’s one question about microlearning we’re constantly asked by instructional designers, training managers, and CLOs alike…How do I actually do it?

As champions of the microlearning movement, we wrote this eBook to shed some light on the process we use to create effective microlearning for some of the world’s most forward-thinking learning organizations—as well as train our own internal workforce.

Our goal is to empower people to bring engaging, effective microlearning to their people, whether through our technology or our expertise.

What you’ll learn how to do

The book kicks off with some fundamentals, answering a few of the more commonly asked questions about microlearning. From there, we dive into our own proprietary method which is divided into three major parts:

Part I: Set a microlearning strategy.

In order for microlearning to have the maximum impact on your people and organization, it needs to be dialed in. In other words, you need to be solving a very specific business problem, targeting specific employee behaviors, and creating microlearning content that addresses the precise needs, concerns, or hang-ups of your learners.

That’s what setting a microlearning strategy is all about—and we’ll walk you through the process to make sure you have all your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed before you dive headfirst into creating content.


Part II: Create microlearning content.

Lots of people think creating microlearning content consists of taking a 60-minute video tutorial and chopping it into 5-minute chunks. But the way we see it, each micro-lesson should be a self-contained learning experience that inspires and empowers learners to take a specific action.

We’ll show you how to scope out a microlearning track, structure each individual micro-lesson, and give you some tips on using multimedia to bring that micro-lesson to life.


Part III: Launch a microlearning campaign.

Even the best microlearning experiences can’t transform what somebody does on the job if that person either a) doesn’t know the microlearning exists, b) isn’t motivated to engage with it, or c) doesn’t get exposed to it on a regular basis. That’s where the microlearning campaign comes in.

We’ll share ideas on how you time microlearning delivery to existing points of need in the employee life cycle, amplify your engagement by thinking like a marketer, and make learning stick by strategically and repeatedly spacing content throughout the duration of a 1 or 2 week campaign.

Woven throughout the book are actionable tips for helping you put this method into practice, as well as related facts, stats, and stories that inform the approach. We’ve also included a handy checklist you can print out and use to make sure your microlearning is indeed made to stick.

Watch the webinar and get the book

Let’s get down to business! For an entertaining and insightful overview of our microlearning method, watch the webinar below and don’t forget to download your copy of The Art & Science of Learning That Sticks so you can stay ahead of the (micro)learning curve and begin bringing the power of bite-sized training to your people.

Would you like to see the future of microlearning? 

The next generation of Grovo’s microlearning platform is on the way. It’s expressly designed to help you put our microlearning method into practice, and it includes the world’s first microlearning content authoring tool: Grovo Create. We’d love to give you a sneak peak.

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