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Announcing New Business Unit Admin and Manager Roles for Grovo

Business Unit Administrator
Written by Kate Rotunno

Building a strong and consistent learning culture with high employee engagement is one of the primary goals of any Learning & Development team. So we’ve developed two new roles– Manager and Business Unit Admin–to help you enlist leaders outside of L&D to drive impactful learning.

Managers are key players in employee development, yet they often have limited bandwidth and resources to advance their direct reports. We’ve created the Manager role to give your leaders a direct view into what their reports are working on, and the put the power of the Grovo library at their fingertips.

Grovo Roles

Business Unit Admin and Manager Roles for Grovo

Managers can view assignments, create and assign their own campaign, and download reporting only for their direct reports. With the “Reports to” attribute field for your users, the platform will already understand the reporting relationship between your users. You can manually assign the Manager role to individuals, or use dynamic groups so all of your leaders will automatically inherit the role.

Empower your managers to individualize learning based on their 1-1 conversations through the ability to assign campaigns. Enlist your managers’ support with following up on Grovo initiatives and see your engagement and completion rates sky rocket.


Manager Role

The second new role allows large enterprises to manage their learning programs effectively across the organization. We’ve created a Business Unit Administrator role to enable learning across locations, brands, and departments.

Managing learning should be easy for any lead on your team, and focused on the aspects that fall under their responsibility. We’ve introduced a new standard attribute: Business Unit, that is flexible to reflect however you segment your business.

Business Unit Administrator

Business Unit Administrator Role

From there, you can assign the Business Unit Administrator role to your L&D managers or HR business partners, and they will be able to login and see only users within their business unit. You don’t have to worry about extraneous or sensitive information in reporting or assignments being surfaced across all of your administrators. You can remove the bottleneck of centralized platform management and allow each segment of the business to manage users, groups, content creation, and assignments through the appointed admin. The best part, you don’t have to worry about any Business Unit Admin affecting users outside their scope.

You can read these articles to set up the Manager and Business Unit Administrator roles, or to get started on Grovo to equip your employees to thrive, get in touch.