What is Microlearning?

Microlearning for Organizations
Written by Grovo

Learning at work is all about getting better at what you do. And if there’s one thing we know about getting better at your job, it’s that results don’t arrive all at once. Improvement at anything worthwhile happens gradually.

For a long time, most workplace training programs ignored that basic fact. Much of the training employees sat through was time-consuming and nowhere near the situations in which the lessons could be applied. Training was more about throwing information at people than helping them do their jobs better.

Fellow busy people, we have good news: that era is over. Now, there’s a better way to learn. One that doesn’t bore you. One that works the way your brain works. One that’s not about a transfer of information, but a transformation of what you actually do.

Meet microlearning.

Microlearning uses tiny bursts of information to build complex skills you can apply the moment you learn them. You’ll perform better in real time and keep improving going forward. Microlearning meets you where you are while you’re working—no more zoning out in front of a PowerPoint while your to-do list piles up.

Find out the secret behind why microlearning works so well.

Best of all, microlearning isn’t a better way for just one type of employee to learn. It’s better for everyone.

That’s why we’ve put together this series of blog posts on a few of the ways microlearning can make a difference in your organization. No matter what team you’re on, how busy you are, or what job you do, microlearning works for you. Check out some of these articles to find out how.

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