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Announcing New Lessons on Facilitating Meetings

Facilitating Meetings
Written by Rae Feshbach

Did you know: the longest meeting in history lasted three years! While that may make the long meetings you often have to sit through seem a little more bearable, the truth is that meetings can be long and boring and in some cases, a complete waste of time.

But not always. Providing opportunities for people to get together and contribute meaningfully can help our teams align and make progress toward goals. The key is to be deliberate in the way you set up and lead meetings.

So what’s the secret? For starters, make sure that you really need a meeting. Some of the most wasteful meetings are the ones that don’t have a solid goal or reason for meeting. Then, make sure you have the right people in the room(which often means inviting fewer people than you’d think). And finally, work to keep that meeting on track with a clear agenda, time keeping, and clear action items.

Of course, that’s all easier said than done, which is why producer Brett Simpson has broken it down in Grovo’s new Microlearning® content on Facilitating Meetings. This program includes topics such as:

  • Prepare for a Productive Meeting: Learn how to decide whether you should have a meeting in the first place, construct a goal based on your meeting type, and ensure everyone attending is ready to provide the input you needed.
  • Lead a Productive Meeting: Learn key facilitation skills to keep your meeting on track and on topic, and help everyone engage and contribute to their fullest.

From your weekly team “catch up” to your project kickoff, every meeting should be worthwhile for you and everyone who attends. Start learning how to get the most from your meetings with one of our lessons, Set a Clear Goal for Your Meeting.