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Announcing New Lessons on Employee Discipline

Employee Discipline
Written by Rae Feshbach

When you think about employee discipline, it’s likely that you think about disciplinary action: punishment, warnings, performance improvement plans, suspensions, and all that. But discipline can also mean a structure, attitude, and environment that supports excellence. Think about the way you might refer to discipline to train for running a marathon, or to study for exams, or to get all of your housework out of the way before you watch a movie. Discipline doesn’t just have to be about negative consequences. Discipline can be about culture and support. And when it comes to employees, it should.

Employee discipline refers to the culture and conditions that you as a leader or manager put in place to enable your employees to thrive. When you build a culture of discipline, you are setting up and maintaining a structure that supports the conditions your team needs to reach their goals. Instead of focusing on the rules or consequences of violating those rules, you focus on helping your employees do their best work. That way, all the rules are intuitive and when violations occur, the consequences are warranted and expected.

Our newest Grovo Microlearning® content from producer Zarif Taufiq will give you a roadmap for creating an employee discipline culture at your organization. We cover several topics, including:

  • Establish a Culture of Discipline: Learn what it means to have a disciplined employee culture that strikes the right balance between freedom and structure. Learn the difference between different models of discipline, and choose the best one for your situation.
  • Create Your System of Discipline: Learn how to create a system of rules that support your team’s goals and allow you to easily enforce them.
  • Enforce Discipline On Your Team: Learn how to respond to rule violations with minimal penalty for maximum impact. Learn when rule violations are serious enough to warrant more extreme measures.
  • Align Your Disciplinary Action with the Law: Learn what laws exist around disciplinary action and how to keep you and your company in line.

Every workplace needs its rules and norms in order to function. By building a thoughtful culture of discipline, you can make sure those rules are supportive of your team’s efforts. Start building a culture of discipline on your team by checking out one of our lessons: Rethink Your Idea of Discipline.