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Announcing New Lessons on Developing Grit and Resilience

Developing Grit and Resilience
Written by Rae Feshbach

Grit and resilience – the characteristics that often determine who rises to the top, who fights their way through, and who beats the odds. Both grit and resilience are important (and distinct) skills to have in today’s work world, where priorities often shift and we’re constantly asked to do more with less. For some people it seems to be innate – they can push through to the finish line and bounce back from setbacks. But luckily for everyone, these are skills that we can develop.

Turns out grit and resilience operate like muscles, and there are little things we can do every day to strengthen them: use specific language when we self-talk, take small risks, and set goals (and quitting points!) for ourselves.

Our newest Grovo Microlearning® content from producer Joe Stanton gives you practical ways to improve both your grit and resilience. This topic includes:

  • How to Develop Grit: Learn the takeaways from Angela Duckworth’s groundbreaking research, and how you can use the “Hard Thing” rule to improve your grit. Also learn when quitting is actually more productive than powering through.
  • How to Develop Resilience: Learn how to build your resilience through managing self-talk, trying new things, and purposely seeking rejection.

This content can help you and your team improve your performance at work, and give you strategies to reframe the challenges you’ll face along the way. Get started with one of our lessons Practice Resilience by Facing Rejection.