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Announcing New Lessons on Leading an Inclusive Team

As a leader, build an inclusive team
Written by Rae Feshbach

“Diversity” and “Inclusion” are two words you often see together. But for many of us, our “D&I” efforts tend to be focused on the “D”. Diversity can be measured quantitatively, so it’s easy to say, “We need a more diverse pipeline,” and know if you’re improving. But avoiding focus on inclusion often leads to a leaky bucket phenomenon, where you might manage to hire a diverse group of people, but not all those people feel valued, safe, or like they belong, so they don’t stay. Inclusion means making employees feel included, and that’s not an easy number to track. Yet without inclusion, it’s hard to make the results of any diversity effort stick.

So what can we do? At the basis of most inclusion efforts is flexibility: understanding who the individual members of your team are, and what they each need to thrive. As a team leader, you can strike a balance between structure and flexibility that will keep your team moving forward in alignment, while also creating an environment where your people feel they can bring their whole selves to work.

Learn how you can strike that balance with our new Microlearning® content, Lead an Inclusive Team, produced by yours truly. This new release includes topics such as:

  • What it Means to Be Inclusive: Learn the difference between diversity and inclusion, and what it means to be inclusive both at a team level, and as an organization.
  • Inclusive Management Practices: Learn large and small ways to alter your management to help all your team members feel welcome and thrive.
  • Build an Inclusive Team Culture: Learn how to talk about inclusion initiatives with your team and address any resistance.

Whether your organization is focusing on diversity and inclusion for compliance reasons, or inclusion is a full company priority and part of your brand, there is always more we can do. Start here with one of our lessons, Be an Inclusive Leader.