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How Meetings & Incentives Worldwide Streamlined Onboarding

Written by Rachel Torres

We’re big fans of Meetings & Incentives Worldwide. A Grovo customer since 2016, M&IW plans more than 3,000 live events every year, from conferences to team meetings to sales and channel incentive events. With the company growing fast and onboarding new employees across 24 states and two countries, Kristie Rogers, Manager, Training & Recruiting, relies on Grovo to help her make sure every new hire has a great first week and quickly gets ramped up with everything they need to know about the company, including software, processes, policies, and client account statuses.  

We spoke with Kristie to get her tips on how to succeed as a mighty training team of two.

1. Gotta keep it automated

As Kristie says, “triggers have made life a whole lot easier!” Kristie has set up Grovo Campaigns that use the New Hire Onboarding” trigger. Then, any time a new hire is added to Grovo, they are automatically assigned relevant lessons on general policies, processes and values, as well as overviews of each department in the company, required data privacy and GDPR content, and sexual harassment prevention training to reinforce expectations for a productive, safe environment from day one.

As a result of having the Campaigns triggered automatically, rather than having to assign each one to each individual manually, Kristie has reduced human error in the rush of a new hire’s first week and added valuable time back into her own schedule.

2. Give employees a reason to care right *now*

When Grovo was first rolled out as the company’s central LMS, content library, and course authoring tool, there was a little bit of the usual fear of change. But employees quickly got on board after getting buy-in from leadership (more on that), then introducing Grovo over a company-wide email, and timing it to coincide with yearly mandatory privacy and security training. By getting people into the platform with a specific purpose from the start, Kristie ensured everyone would see how simple and easy it was to engage in Grovo from any device.

Now, she gets regular feedback from employees traveling to execute client events completing their training on their phone from an airport lounge, or hotel room in, say, Singapore.

3. Get leadership on board

Going back to those new hire onboarding assignments – this was one of the ways Kristie got a lot of buy-in for what she was accomplishing with Grovo. Department managers no longer needed to do rote presentations every new hire week, but instead worked with Kristie to create Grovo lessons to introduce their department, ultimately freeing up their time while still providing valuable information to new hires.

And on the compliance side, the VP of IT loves that he doesn’t have to bombard new hires with privacy and security training for hours at a time. Employees can complete the training at their own pace, and the VP and Kristie also have a handy record of who’s completed the training and whether they’ve passed the assessments.

4. Go with the flow

“I originally had a beautiful training plan with every single month laid out. Things happened, like the #MeToo movement and GDPR taking effect, so we’ve pivoted quickly to make sure the training we highlight is relevant to the world at large,” said Kristie.

Kristie added, “Go with the flow on the pulse of the company.” Big product launch or annual company meeting coming up? Make sure you’re not requiring training right when employees won’t reasonably be able to keep it top of mind, no matter how engaging the format of that training is.

5. Know what you’ll do with all your new free time

“I can better serve the rest of the company with Grovo,“ said Kristie. By automating as much as possible, and creating organizational muscle memory around using Grovo, Kristie has been able to dive into initiatives she never had time for before.

Kristie now works closely on M&IW’s corporate social responsibility, a personal interest she’s had since her college days. And she’s also been able to get experts and leaders within the company using Grovo’s Create tool to create impactful Microlearning lessons, with M&IW’s branding automatically added to the template. For example, an account lead can get new hires and remote employees across time zones quickly on the same page by creating lessons that document the latest status of a client’s account.

“People are starting to create content themselves in Grovo. Grovo is now the platform they go back to for information,” said Kristie.

Kristie’s final word of advice to her L&D peers? “Don’t forget to use everything Grovo has to offer. It’s all there to make our lives easier!”