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How Meerkat and Periscope Can Change Ed-Tech: Grovo’s Friday Roundup

Written by Grovo

Streaming social apps can change higher ed. The biggest hit at SXSW this year was the arrival of Meerkat and Periscope, two apps that let users tweet live video. With social media ready to explode down a real-time wormhole, Daniel Christian over at Learning Ecosystems wonders what a future of social streaming video holds for educational technology.

Is ‘Design Thinking’ the new Liberal Arts? Peter N. Miller at the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the coming convergence between human aesthetic and ergonomic needs and logical, computer-friendly thinking is changing the way we think about design. This is similar to a phenomenon I wrote about a few weeks ago, that called the future of computer coding what Miller calls Design Thinking.

How to give your training visual “oomph.” Blogger Karla Gutierrez runs through some helpful ways to make training more visually appealing.

Should training be a workplace utility? There are things that a company provides for its employees that it doesn’t try to regulate. Think of the office coffee machine, or the water fountain. Does anyone hold individual employees to a quota for that? No. Training, argues Robert McGuire, should be as freely available in an office as access to coffee or water. That way, it can permeate the culture and let individuals figure out their own best use of it.

What’s even more important to train than technical skills? In a blog post called “Colleges respond to industry demands for soft skills,” Jennifer Lewington reports that higher education is starting to try to close what seems to be an even wider skills gap than technical skills: interpersonal and professional skills.

The best way to end office sexual harassment is… Sravanthi Baswapatruni, blogging for CommLab India, makes a compelling case for why state-mandated training is the most effective way to curtail sexual harassment in the workplace.

A rabid, no-holds-barred debate about the Kirkpatrick model. We’re pretty big fans over here at Grovo—we think the Kirkpatrick model is more than serviceable as a method of assessing the impact of learning on an organizational level—but Will over here does not. It’s an interesting debate on the merits of the “second most famous theory in instructional design.”

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