Microlearning New Content

Announcing New Lessons on Business Ethics Fundamentals

Written by Rae Feshbach

Unfortunately, it’s become all too common for us to hear news about a business or person who does something illegal or unethical. Think Enron, Harvey Weinstein, Cambridge Analytica. It’s enough to make you wonder, “How could people do those things?” Well, it’s a rare person who sets out to be egregiously unethical. More often than not, it’s a slippery slope. It starts with small behaviors that you may already be doing without realizing it, and gradually evolves into larger, more problematic behaviors.

Though it’s less likely to make the news, creating a culture of strong ethical behaviors is well worth it. Developing a culture that avoids those small unethical behaviors to begin with makes employees feel safer and more productive, and can further a company’s good reputation with the public. Not to mention that companies who encourage all their employees to act ethically at the office will be less at risk for bribery and other corrupt practices.

Grovo’s latest Microlearning® content from producer Jen SanMiguel is designed to help all employees contribute to an ethical culture at work. Our new Business Ethics lessons cover:

  • What is Ethical Behavior: Learn what constitutes ethical behavior at work, and four common types of behaviors that can lead to larger ethical issues.
  • Developing an Ethical Framework: Learn how to create a framework of questions that you can use to determine if a behavior in question is ethical.
  • Responding to Unethical Behavior: Learn what you can do if you see or suspect unethical behavior at your workplace.

The Ethics and Compliance Initiative, in their 2018 Global Benchmark on Workplace Ethics study, found that employee conduct declines when companies don’t invest in improving ethical workplace cultures. Start investing in your ethical culture by watching one of our lessons: The Impact of Ethics on Business Success.