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Lange International and Grovo Exclusively Partner to Bring Executive Training to Everyone

Written by Steven Carpenter

Today, I’m excited to announce another Grovo exclusive content partnership: Lange International. Lange International is one of the most sought after leadership experts in providing customized communications coaching, training, and consulting to executives. Founded by Jenna Lange, Lange International has been training senior and emerging leaders at companies such as Microsoft, Google, and The Gates Foundation for over 15 years. And business is booming.

Our content partnership will offer Lange International’s leading executive communications training content as Grovo Microlearning® lessons for professionals across all levels—from ICs to managers to the C-suite—and for businesses of all sizes. Now organizations can offer executive presence training to their entire workforce, so everyone has the opportunity to enhance their communication skills.

As organizations become less hierarchical and teams collaborate more fluidly cross-functionally, the chance to learn from Lange International’s training courses on topics such as executive presence and communications—in the flow of work—is invaluable.

“We are ecstatic about our new partnership with Grovo,” said Jenna Lange, founder and president of Lange International. “Business communication has changed dramatically in the last decade, and more businesses are recognizing the value of providing training and coaching on these critical skills. With a growing number of communication platforms, technology and people in the workforce, there are more opportunities—yet less time—for communication. This shift has magnified the importance and impact of effective communication on our self-esteem, careers, and business success. We look forward to making our expertise in this content more accessible to the market as Grovo Microlearning lessons!”

Throughout the year, we’ve expanded our ecosystem in two main ways: via content partnerships with Sandler Training and integration partnerships with ADP and BambooHR; all with the goal of bringing high-quality Microlearning content to businesses of all sizes across every industry. As leading trainers, like Lange International, look more and more to Grovo as experts in modern learning, we’re thrilled to be able to bring the highly-coveted executive training content in a Microlearning format to all employees, regardless of their seniority.  

With our Microlearning library of 2500+ lessons (and growing) that uses our proprietary framework and Create functionality that enables organizations to develop customized Microlearning lessons within an easy-to-use platform, Grovo is well positioned as the partner-of-choice for leading L&D brands for years to come.

Our co-branded content with Lange International will be available within our Leadership Collection beginning this October. To be notified when the Lange International content is available for preview, please sign up here.