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Know Your Responsibilities as an Employer

Written by Grovo

As an employer, you make it a point to hire only the best candidates. You don’t just look for good workers; you look for good people. You provide support and mentorship to make them comfortable at your organization. Then, out of nowhere, a shock: someone raises a red flag about inappropriate behavior in the office. You feel frustrated, betrayed, and concerned about moving forward appropriately.

How do you prevent sexual harassment and discrimination? How should you react if it does happen? Grovo’s learning track, “Sexual Harassment and Discrimination: Know Your Responsibilities As An Employer” can help employers prevent, prepare for and navigate this workplace nightmare.

As an employer, sexual harassment is your responsibility even before it happens. It’s your job to create clear policies and procedures in the event of an incident. It’s on you to create a safe environment for reporting sexual harassment if it does occur.

Lessons like “Understanding your Liability” and “Address Sexual Harassment Proactively” teach how to set the foundation for a safe work environment, while “Conduct Timely and Impartial Investigations” and “Ask the Right Questions” show how best to take immediate action when a claim is made.

Unfortunately, harassment can happen even if you’ve done everything you could to prevent it. How you approach your employees can be tricky. Tracks like “How to Talk With the Accused” and “Working With the Reluctant Victim” can help you better communicate with the aggrieved party.

By understanding your obligations and being proactive as an employer, you create a safe and comfortable work environment for everyone.