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Our mission is to craft the world’s best workplace

Written by Grovo

The average person in the U.S. spends 10.3 years of their total time on earth at work (second to sleeping, which we devote about 25 years to). Every employee deserves those years to be a great experience. Too often, they’re not.

My personal mission is to create environments where people can do their life’s best work. Grovo is doing that—one organization at a time.      

Luijke arrives at Grovo as an established thought leader and HR guru for two high-growth companies.

Luijke arrives at Grovo as an established thought leader and HR guru for two high-growth companies.

I’m excited to say that I recently joined Grovo as Vice President of People. Grovo is one of those special companies that embodies everything I care about: a unique culture, transparent management, and passionate people who are on a mission to create better organizations, for both Grovo and our clients.

I’ve been lucky to have been a part of building some amazing tech companies, including over five years at Atlassian, and more recently at Squarespace. Both organizations won plenty of accolades for their People Practices and for the right reasons: they’re amazing places to work. I’m excited to use these experiences when continuing to build the culture at Grovo, as well as to further my personal mission to help the wider HR community scale their unique work environments.

Running HR in an HR tech company

When you’re leading People Operations for a company whose key product can make a transformative impact on HR, you’re also a product manager, an evangelist, and a pioneer. You’re out there pushing the boundaries and trying new People initiatives to see what could possibly be a breakthrough in the way we manage people, nurture culture, and develop an organization. Especially in a way that others in the wider HR community can benefit from.

The most powerful form of learning comes from trying new things and iterating quickly based on feedback. For example, I’ve gone through several rounds to try and improve performance reviews. I learned a lot from reading up on the topic, but I mostly gained insight by testing new methods. As Grovo is a learning company, I’m looking forward to sharing our internal learnings with the world.   

Our company’s culture will inevitably change over time—and that’s healthy. But our goal is to preserve our values and all the things that makes this company special, despite the growth. I’m very excited to further develop these principles—and rituals—that have made Grovo New York’s Best Place to Work in Tech.