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Introducing Our Newest Resource: DigitalSkillsGap.com

Digital Skills Gap

Grovo is pleased to introduce its new microsite — DigitalSkillsGap.com!

Its goal is to become the go-to resource for all things related to the widening digital skills gap — the chasm that exists between those often-outdated technological skills that workers at businesses large and small, students, and educators currently possess, and those digital skills that these folks need to be successful working in the 21st century. A study by IDC, a tech research company, suggests that time wasted due to inadequate digital skills adds up to 21% of total productivity for digital workers!

It’s sad, but true — more than 200 million adults in the U.S. are part of the current digital workforce, yet only 1-in-10 rate themselves as very proficient with the digital tools they use every day at work. Training has not kept pace with the rapid advancement of technology, and workers, businesses and the entire economy are paying the price.

This implies that every year the digital skills gap drives an estimated $1.3 trillion loss in the U.S. economy due to loss of productivity.

Grovo has built its reputation on, and business model around, tackling the digital skills gap. Since the company’s founding, our core mission has been to equip individuals across the globe with the essential 21st century skills they need to learn, fully comprehend and deploy. This can include mastery of software and platforms, such as Dropbox and Box for file storage and sharing, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to connect with customers, and Google Docs and Analytics to run their businesses. These tools serve essential functions, but they can only improve productivity with the right training.

Over the next several months and into the future, expect DigitalSkillsGap.com to become the preminent resource for information relevant to these skills, and advice on how individuals, organizations, businesses, K-12 schools and universities can help close their digital skills gap. Feel free to periodically check out the site for updates and more information.

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