Introducing Grovo’s New API and Live Events Manager

Written by Grovo

Today, Grovo is thrilled to announce the launch of two big additions to our platform: a User Management API to connect Grovo to your human resource database, and a tool for managing in-person training events. Here’s how Grovo is integrating even more with the learning that takes place in your company.

Has your HRIS met Grovo yet?

Many companies keep critical information about their employees in databases such as Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). These databases are foundational to the HR tech stack.

Grovo was meant to be friends with your HRIS. And now they can be. Today, we are rolling out a User Management API that allows anyone to seamlessly integrate their HRIS with Grovo, helping you focus on developing your employees instead of managing their information.

User Management API

You already manage employee information in your HRIS. Reduce your workload by automatically sending that information to Grovo.

Imagine someone moves offices and needs training from their new location. If you leverage our new User Management API, their new information would also be updated in Grovo and they would automatically receive their new training.

Magic? We think so.

Manage and track in-person events

Live sessions (commonly referred to as Instructor-Led Trainings) are a high impact way to train employees. Even though learning has been increasingly moving online and on-demand, live sessions continue to have immense value, especially for teaching novices new concepts.

At Grovo, we strive to address every learning need, not just e-learning, which is why we are so excited to announce the official launch of Events.

Events - Platform

We built Events to allow trainers to schedule live sessions and track attendance within Grovo. Whether you are running a workshop for new salespeople, or a negotiation class for up-and-coming managers, Grovo helps you keep a bird’s eye view of all the learning happening in your organization.

Ready to use the API and Events?

Check out what’s possible when you build an integration with Grovo. Get in touch with your Account Manager to talk through how you want to use the API or Events.

For the API, we’ll give you a special key that tells us who you are in the application. Your IT team will be able to reference our simple-to-read technical documentation for everything they’ll need from interest through implementation. We’ve also developed an SDK that makes it incredibly easy to have everything done in days, not weeks!

This release is one of the many ways Grovo creates a frictionless experience for trainers and learners alike. We’re tired of smart people spending time managing learning, when they could be improving it.

If you haven’t discovered Grovo yet, check out a demo and see our 21st century learning platform in action.