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How IHG is Reimagining Training to Create Hotels Guests Love

Written by Grovo

InterContintental Hotels Group (IHG) is a global company on a simple mission: to create great hotels guests love. As you might imagine, providing world-class customer service is a crucial part of living that mission.

But training customer service representatives quickly, consistently, and effectively in a fast-paced business landscape is easier said than done—especially for a multinational organization with over 5,000 hotels in nearly 100 countries.  “We need to stay engaging and move fast,” says Crystal Black, an instructional designer at IHG. “But we also need to make sure the content we deliver is standardized, so we deliver the same message, the same way around the world.”

Prior to partnering with Grovo, this was not the case. In the past, IHG’s contact center training program used a combination of instructor-led classroom training and self-led, document-based training that was housed on a complicated intranet system. The training materials had taken HQ over two years to develop, and as training managers of individual sites made small tweaks to meet their specific goals, materials were inconsistently delivered from contact center to contact center. Overall, engagement and excitement were low, and since success tracking was manual, results were difficult to report on a global level.

That’s when Chris Zoloth, IHG’s Director of Customer Experience Optimization stepped in.

“I knew we were missing out on the chance to further develop our employees,” he says. “We didn’t have the right tools or resources to help them really deliver the service people expect from us.” He connected with Grovo and together we set about designing a more modern approach to training.

Using a microlearning approach, we worked with IHG to take what had historically been a longer lesson on a specific topic and split it into shorter, varied, and more engaging pieces. We also implemented quizzes at the end of each 1-2 minute lesson in order to highlight important points and assure IHG’s learners were paying attention, learning, and retaining imperative information.

Beyond making the content more digestible, we also made it more accessible. Learners can now watch video lessons on their own mobile devices at times that are convenient to them, like in between calls, and still learn any information required of them.

Consistency has improved too. Now that IHG’s training content is stored on the same, continually-updated platform for all employees around the globe, they’re able to deliver standardized content with a consistent message when employees need it, no matter where their employees are trained.

We’re proud to say the results of this new program have been transformative for IHG, resulting in higher levels of engagement, better customer service scores, and greater efficiencies across the board. For greater details, download the full case study here.

“It’s changed the way we think about training our reps,” says Chris on working with Grovo. That’s music to our ears. Not only are we thrilled to have helped IHG make headway on solving their immediate challenges with training, but we’re excited for the future too. Crystal is already brimming with ideas. She’s thinking ahead, eager to experiment with more real-time training and excited to bring an even more cutting edge approach to training at IHG.

That’s just the kind of person we love to work with—and for—here at Grovo. Some people wait for the future. Others create it. Where will IHG go next? Only time will tell. But we can’t wait to help them get there.