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How One High-Growth Startup Turned Orientation Around

Written by Grovo

Award-winning marketing analytics company Unified is always hot on the heels of innovation. Tech companies like theirs move at the speed of SnapChat, and Unified needed an engaging business solution to a very specific growth problem. At the same time, they wanted a vendor that fit in with their company culture.

unified-logo-horizontal-2With Grovo, they found a partner who kept pace.

With a recent 60% staff increase, Unified knew that the old way of doing things—one-off orientation meetings, one-on-one’s with the CEO, and online portals with links—wasn’t going to serve their 50-person hiring initiative. They also realized how complex onboarding can be when business details change often, and for a high growth start up like theirs, this was a given. Basically, Unified’s onboarding process just didn’t scale.

Ethan Horne, Unified’s L&D lead was originally attracted to Grovo’s high-quality microlearning library. “Attention spans are so short these days; “bulky” isn’t going to be effective. You have to have bite-size content that’s easy to digest and understand.” Horne also knew that while training staff on social media was a given, the ability to assign additional Grovo lessons on digital skills and productivity gave his employees a boost in efficiency right away. “Having the entire library at our disposal obviously saves so much time…and learning things like Gmail shortcuts makes employees quicker at their jobs,” says Horne.


One recent round of hiring onboarded over 50 people, increasing Unified’s workforce by 60%.

What resulted was a new learning program that has revolutionized Unified’s employee onboarding process. In Ethan’s own words, “It’s a much better experience for all now.” Positive user feedback from over 180 hours of completed training has also meant that Unified plans to expand their offerings. Career-pathing and development for all employees, as well as customer education, is on the horizon.

“bulky” isn’t going to be effective. You have to have bite-size content that’s easy to digest and understand.”

“Making employees as productive as possible means being able to get people hired and ramped quickly, doing their jobs well. And Grovo has helped with that,” says Horne. He also credits Grovo’s continually refreshed content for helping Unified “stay current in a space that’s rapidly changing. The ability to update information is very easy with Grovo.”

As Grovo grows alongside clients like Unified, it feels like we’re all flying in the right direction. Horne agrees. “I would recommend Grovo for any company in a space that moves quickly. It’s a flexible product that can work well for a fast growing company.”