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How Microlearning Makes Better Marketers

Microlearning for Marketers
Written by Grovo

Being a marketer means wearing many hats. One minute you’re keeping up with the latest search engine optimization strategies. The next you’re launching three new campaigns and getting new team members up to speed. You want to get better at your job, but the last thing you have time for is sitting through a lecture or paging through some how-to material. Wouldn’t it be great if you could develop professional skills in a way that didn’t monopolize your time?

Microlearning is the answer to your stress-fueled wishes. It gives you a way to not only manage, but master everything marketers need to know. Here are five key ways marketers and marketing teams benefit from microlearning:

Short modules close the marketer’s skills gap

skillsgapMarketing has one of the most pronounced digital skills gaps of any industry: 90 percent of marketers considered themselves under-skilled in digital marketing functions, and 93 percent said they also can’t find people with the necessary skills to be effective digital marketers. Microlearning programs can be tailored to the individual needs of your organization, developing skills in short, bite-size segments that teach and reinforce important skills.

On-demand development fits into a busy marketer’s life

Whether you’re managing projects or people, microlearning modules can help the people in your organization develop leadership, organizational, interpersonal and other skills that are essential for marketers—on their own time and with flexible, on-demand modules.


Data delivered and demystified

Marketers need to make data-driven decisions to help their clients. But what happens when data analysis is not your strong point? Microlearning modules can develop understanding and confidence in your data and help you deliver better value to your clients.

Communication is super-charged

Microlearning modules can strengthen communication skills to align messaging across your organization, and build the strategic thinking necessary to compete in a crowded marketplace. Lessons may be as varied as public speaking, branding across platforms, creating innovative campaigns, and more. You can learn how to grab audience attention—easily, flexibly and on your own terms and timetable.

Your team can be future-proof

In marketing, falling behind means losing your competitive edge. Microlearning gives your team a library of short, effective, no-fluff modules that are easy to keep fresh in real time. Your employees quickly get ahead of the learning curve and stay there, delivering better service to your customers.

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