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How Microlearning Templates Help Solve the $31.5B Knowledge Sharing Problem

Written by Matan Berkowitz

How many times a day do you stop working because you need to find more information to continue? Think of all the times you’ve interrupted your train of thought to ask a colleague for help, look something up on Google, or dig up an old document to figure out your next step.

According to analyst estimates, all that time is really adding up. Fortune 500 companies lose a combined $31.5 billion annually because they fail to share knowledge effectively among employees. Businesses aren’t getting employees the information they need, when they need it.

Why is knowledge sharing so hard?

Part of the problem is technology. Many of the learning and information-sharing tools out there are outdated, poorly designed, or too time-consuming—and simply don’t get used. But let’s table the technology issue for a moment.

Instead, let’s focus on another huge knowledge-sharing blocker: the teaching problem. Many subject matter experts (SMEs)—the people who have the knowledge that needs to be shared—simply don’t have the skills or resources to properly teach what they know.

So how can we bridge that gap between people who have knowledge and people who need it? The challenge isn’t just to supply better technology. It’s also about helping people learn to teach.

Grovo’s new microlearning templates can help

When it comes to helping your people teach one another more effectively, Grovo is on the case. First, the latest release of Grovo’s microlearning platform includes a simple, intuitive content creator you or anyone at your org can use to build micro lessons in minutes. That takes care of the technology bit.

But in addition, our content creator comes with pre-built microlearning lesson templates. These plug-and-play frameworks will help the people at your org use Grovo to consistently build lessons that are visually engaging, are well-structured, and, most importantly, actually impact job performance.

How do these templates work?

Each template is designed to guide you through specific teaching goals, like introducing a topic, explaining a new concept, or teaching a skill. Plus, each template incorporates aspects of our proprietary Grovo Method, which our in-house team uses to create award-winning microlearning content every day—so that you can too. Here are a few ways our templates can help everyone at your org become a better teacher:

Prompts to kickstart creativity

Once I had a friend who wrote a paper on the effect of asking questions in literature. The paper was incredibly boring, but for the sake of the friendship I read the whole thing and the gist was this: questions engage readers (or in this case, teachers). They make you think of answers. They make it easier to figure out what to say.

In designing our templates, we’ve applied that line of thought, using question prompts alongside our instructions and examples to help SMEs easily articulate exactly what they want to share. All you have to do is answer the general questions, and you’ll have a well-constructed lesson, with all the information you need, presented in the right order.

See the prompts you’ll find in our “Teach a Skill” template here:

An easy-to-follow framework

Blank page syndrome is real. It’s harder to work when you don’t have anything to start from, and you can’t see the finish line. That’s why our templates are designed to show you your scope of work from the moment you start creating a lesson. You can see how much progress you’re making as you build your lesson, and know how far you have to go to complete it.

And it’s not just that you can see everything you need to do. You can see it in a fully-designed form. You don’t have to use your imagination to picture how the design will affect the lesson, or convince yourself something will look better down the road. Templates help you see what learners will see, so you can quickly gauge how your lesson is coming together as you build it.

Watch a micro lesson get created using the template framework:

Flexibility for any type of training

We want our templates to help you stick to microlearning best practices, but we don’t want them to restrict your creativity. That’s why we made our templates more like guidelines than hard and fast rules. Everything is editable. If you want, you can simply fill in a few blanks and have a fully formed lesson within minutes.

Or, if you want to customize a lesson to your unique specification, you can do that too. Our templates still include our full suite of multimedia tools, so you can easily add videos, gifs, images, and anything else that will help make your lessons pop. It’s never been easier to crystallize concepts in ways that will captivate your learners.

See what your micro lesson will look and feel like for your learners:  

Microlearning templates are just the beginning.

These templates are only part of our first wave of enablement tools and content that we’re working on. We’ve got more templates, tools, lessons, and resources planned that will help any Grovo content creator share knowledge effectively. Our goal isn’t just to help you build lessons to share with your team. It’s to enable you to create effective learning experiences that actually work.