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Grovo’s Cultural Year in Review

Written by Grovo

What a 2014 it was for us here at the nerve center of Grovo HQ. In between microing all of your lessons and narrowing all your skills gaps, we squeezed in a lot of fun. It was an eventful year for everyone, and indisputably the biggest to-date in the company’s history. Along the way, we had fun, bonded, and grew as a staff of people. Here are a few cultural highlights from 2014.

Grovo was voted “Best place to work in NYC Tech”

In November, Grovo was honored to win the “Best Place to Work in New York City Tech” award from Internet Week NY. We were extremely happy at first, when we thought that the award was just a nice honorific bestowed upon a company whose employees are always excited to come to work and where culture is emphasized constantly.

Then someone started a rumor that the award was a Miss America-type arrangement that required us to travel around New York and work with underprivileged tech startups. We got really into it, and raised money for 2,000 gallons of IdeaPaint and 25 ergonomic espresso machines to service fifteen startups in need. Turns out that there was no fallout aside from CEO Jeff Fernandez being profiled in a great article. Now we’re riding high and making IdeaPaint sandwiches in the kitchen to get rid of it all. Thanks, Internet Week NY!

We moved offices (twice)

Like a hermit crab reaching for the stars, Grovo outgrew our calcium-based shell not once, but twice in 2014. It’s hard to imagine now, when our engineering and product teams are nearing complete locked-and-loadedness, that there was a time when only eight developers, one product manager, and one graphic designer achieved such critical mass in the old 19th Street headquarters that they shot out to a satellite office in a coronal mass ejection of numbers and pencils. The place they settled was TechSpace on 11th St, a sleek, prototypical “tech” office complex whose PA system played the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” hourly.

But Grovo had her eyes on even bigger sights. Specifically, 360° views of midtown Manhattan. Before long the company reunited on the 30th floor of 3 Park Avenue, a building chosen for the pleasing way its ochre color contrasted with Grovo Blue. We celebrated the new office that night with a solemn and sober backgammon tournament — we thought we would live forever. Scooters became our primary mode of locomotion and free beef jerky became our dietary staple. Stress ball fights were declared; ping pong rivalries were begun; gong celebrations were bwooooshhhhed. And so it’s been, though already things are getting tight again…

We hired a lot of people

Grovo hit a milestone in 2014 when it hired its 31st employee, followed shortly thereafter by its 101st employee. It’s what happens when a growing company hits every benchmark it can aim for.

We’ve added talent to all areas of the company, including the very meta moment where the talent department itself was created and immediately charged itself recruiting fees. Product analysts, learning experts, and engineers all became Grovo Sapiens this year, each having evolved from the more primitive Grovo Erectus. The change has been evident in our product, which has never been better, and our content, which is ever expanding.

We’re not done hiring, either. Take a look at our careers page to see if you’re right for any of our open positions. Throughout 2015 we’ll be adding new positions as well, especially in the field of product design and engineering, so check back later if you don’t see anything now. Forewarning: you may get a microlearning face tattoo. No, the tattoo is not “micro.”

Camp Grovo [REDACTED]

In the summer, Grovo had a nice time when it decided to go on a weekend jaunt into the country, to an ascetic and somber cabin where they spent a lot of time meditating on things to ponder and do to succeed. Everyone had a great time eating butterscotch cookies and all of the Fig Newtons. In the end, it was absolutely no surprise when everyone came back alive.

Ultimately, what allowed for this fantastic year in Grovo culture was a great year of business. We set out a year ago to achieve three high-level goals for the company, and we achieved all of them. Along the way, we signed up some great clients and learned a lot about how to maximize human performance. Grovo began the year optimistically and ended it in the clouds. We couldn’t be happier with how 2014 went, and 2015 is going to be even better. Thanks everyone.