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Grovo’s New Chief Learning Officer: Why You Need a MicrolearningⓇ Strategy

Written by Summer Salomonsen

Work isn’t what it used to be. We’re living through a time in which traditional organizational design is shifting to respond to the speed and changing priorities of business. Companies are moving away from the hierarchical structures of the past in favor of a flatter, more nimble, team-based approach. Whether you’re ready or not, your employees expect that you will equip and prepare them to thrive and compete in this fast-paced and changing environment. As a result, there is a renewed interest in establishing learning strategies that integrate with day-to-day work and equip employees with the cross-functional skills they need. Learning is no longer as a luxury, it’s a strategy.

That’s why we need a Microlearning approach. Despite a plethora of myths and misnomers, Microlearning isn’t just about brevity. Done right, it’s a transformative approach to workplace learning, with roots in cognitive science, that reflects the best learning theory and design. It’s single-concept learning that enables learners to deep dive into something powerful and meaningful. It’s the catalyst companies need to develop their employees as individuals, not just as individual contributors. Grovo is the leader in Microlearning because it approaches it as a strategy, not just another tactic. That’s why I’m so excited to join the team.

My belief that every organization must consider how to make Microlearning content a core component of their learning strategy comes from my experience as a long-time learning practitioner. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve served as the head of L&D for a growing healthcare company. I’ve partnered with companies as a learning consultant. I’ve built and delivered courses for global organizations. And I’m going to bring every ounce of that real-world, hands-on experience to the work I do here at Grovo.

Today’s organizations don’t have time for jazz hands or highfalutin theory. We need practical, actionable solutions that move learning forward—toward curiosity and delight, away from frustration and disgust—and we need them now.

As Grovo’s first Chief Learning Officer, I’m excited to champion a Microlearning approach that moves workplace learning from a forced construct to an integrated opportunity. To do that, I’ll be working alongside Grovo’s incredible team of learning experience designers, specialists, and creatives to develop the first customizable, adaptive, and continuously growing Microlearning library, with more than a thousand new lessons over the next year. We’re talking about a living learning library that makes it easy for you to discover, design, and deliver effective Microlearning experiences to your employees right in the workflow. Content that’s so seductive professionals can’t help but learn and change. This is real learning for real learners.

So my question for you is: what’s your Microlearning strategy?