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Grovo Voted the Best Place to Work in NYC Tech!



Grovo Learning is extremely proud to have been named the “Best Place to Work in New York City Tech” by Internet Week New York!

The award was presented by Internet Week New York at a ceremony honoring the 30 best technology companies to work for in the city. The list of nominees included heavy hitters like BuzzFeed, Barbarian Group, and Squarespace. Ultimately, the voting results confirmed what we Grovo Sapiens have long felt: there is no better place to work in New York City.

Sales Manager Olivia Henkel took time out from a scooter race to weigh in. “It doesn’t surprise me,” she

said. “Sometimes I wonder if we hire the best people, or if it’s just that everyone is their best selves when they’re here.”

“The energy is beyond infectious,” agreed sales manager Ryder Fyrwald, crouched behind a whiteboard to dodge a volley of incoming Nerf balls. “The people here are among the smartest and most energetic people I’ve ever been around. You realize Grovo is the best place to work once you walk inside.”

“Grovo is the illest and my flow-vo is the rillest,” said Director of Product Management Andrew Ward, unable to stop freestyling over the booming office sound system. “Proprietary science, all my learners want a license. Office workin smooth, sales and marketing, alignment. Grovo getting all the best results in the shortest. Blowin up awards shows – Jennifer Lawrence.”

Not everyone agreed with Internet Week’s result. “Not signed,” said Global Director of Interns Arthur Wilkins, the fastest-rising employee in company history. “I’ve gained like fifteen pounds from all the snacks. Plus Jeff told me to stand by the window at dusk yesterday and said something about ‘everything the light touches.’ It was really weird.” Asked what he thought about the company’s 360-degree views of Manhattan, Wilkins idly kicked away a ping pong ball. “Sucks.”

The rest of the office, nonetheless, was ecstatic about the news, and dedicated that night’s party to the Internet Week award. Asked what makes Grovo special, Account Executive Ariel Absera grew reflective. “What impresses me most about Grovo’s culture is exemplified by our sales team. In other companies, such a competitive environment often leads to division and separation.” Beginning to well up, he went on haltingly. “The spirit of Grovo is so pure, that we are truly unified and proud of each other when our colleagues perform well.” The crowd around him toasted, and sealed it with a drink.

Thank you, Internet Week New York. We’ll see you in the spring!

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