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New Customization Features to Make Learning Stick

New Grovo customization features
Written by Edmond Au

For a lot of Grovo customers, we see learning stick–that is, learner engagement increases–when content is tailored to the company–whether it’s Microlearning lessons specific to the company’s context, or how employees like to learn, or making the look and feel of the whole experience feel more like the company’s brand identity.

We’re happy to announce two new features to help make learning stick:

  • The ability to add voice-overs
  • Enhanced branding options

These features are available to all customers on the latest version of the Grovo platform.

“In a world…”: New voice-over feature

Adding voice-over audio to lessons helps you capture your learners’ attention. You’ll see a new Start Recording button in the right-hand menu on image or text cards when creating or editing a lesson. You’ll be able to add up to three minutes of audio, recorded right from your computer’s microphone. Learn more from this Grovo Support article.

Grovo voice-over

Your company’s brand look and feel, in Grovo

By customizing Grovo to use your brand’s logo, colors and imagery throughout the learning experience, Grovo will feel more like an extension of your company for your employees.

We’ve made a few powerful enhancements to the branding options for your Grovo account. You can find them all in the Admin section under Branding when you log in.

  • We’ve updated the user interface so it’s even it easier to add or change your company’s logo.
  • Your company’s logo now appears in more places – from lesson title cards, to assignment emails, to when a user logs in.
  • Your primary brand color is now the default card background color when you create a new lesson. Additionally, the primary brand color will be used for links, buttons, and the calendar on the learner’s homepage.
  • You can also now add two secondary colors, and all your brand colors will show up as shortcuts on the color palette when you create a lesson.
  • You can also set a default background image for the title card when you create a Grovo lesson–we suggest trying out a picture of your company’s office, or a team picture, or an image from your company website.

Grovo Cobranding

We hope you enjoy using these new customization options. Let us know what you think on Twitter, @Grovo. Thinking about how Grovo can you help you create learning that sticks? Get in touch.