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Announcing Grovo’s Upcoming Content Roadmap

Microlearning content roadmap
Written by John Marshall

Each quarter, as we finalize the plans and goals for our team’s next three months, I find myself being asked the same questions: what’s on our content roadmap and why are we covering those topics? Everyone wants to know exactly what we’ll be adding to our Microlearning® library and how we came to those decisions.

While telling people what topics are on the roadmap is usually pretty simple, explaining how we chose them is a bit more complicated. Similar to a product team’s task of ranking the priorities for its product roadmap, we have to think through the importance of each learning topic for our customers, the number of people likely to benefit from it, and our ability to offer value to our learners that they’re not getting anywhere else.

So as part of rolling out this quarter’s content roadmap, I thought I’d first pull back the curtain and provide a glimpse of the process we use to finalize our roadmap.

It starts at the highest level

The process of selecting topics begins by thinking about our different collections in the library—for example, Leadership, Compliance, Diversity, and Professional Skills. For each of these collections, we maintain a running backlog of all the topics we could possibly cover. This doesn’t mean that we necessarily will add content on these topics to the library, but we like to have a broad view of all the possibilities.

For example, in our Leadership Collection, we might cover topics like “succession planning” or “facilitating meetings.” But when it comes to prioritizing the two, we think about a few different factors that may impact the success of the topic. First, who are the target learners for each topic. What will be most useful for our target learners?

Next, we think about the context of the topic in L&D: what subject areas or skills are gaining currency across industries? What do our clients and prospects care about and want to improve in? Is there anything in the news or current events that our customers would find valuable?

Finally, we look at our own capacity for a given quarter: what are we well set up to execute? And more tactically, how much bandwidth do we have to produce new content?

With the answers to all those questions, we’re able to establish our priorities and assess which topics make the cut.

In the second quarter of 2018, our focus is Compliance, Diversity, and Leadership

Over the next three months, we’ll be working to expand our coverage in a few high-priority compliance areas, perhaps most notably in the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

At the same time we’ll be hard at work building a set of lessons to help employees recognize and manage mental illness in the workplace, which we’re aiming to release just in time for Mental Health Awareness month in May.

Here’s our full list of new topics on our content roadmap:

Workplace Safety
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Preventing Fraud

Being an Active Bystander
Mental Health in the Workplace
Assessing Inclusion on Your Team

Managing a Multi-Generational Team
Facilitating Meetings
Ethics in Leadership

We’re also enhancing existing content

We don’t just focus on new content though. We always want to make sure our existing library represents the best we have to offer.

This quarter, we’ll be revisiting high-priority lessons on sexual harassment awareness and prevention. In the wake of the #metoo movement and many high-profile cases of workplace harassment and gender discrimination, it’s clear that new and fresh approaches are needed for employee learning in this space. As part of our refresh of these lessons, we will draw a stronger connection with our existing content on unconscious bias, and better equip employees to recognize the systemic factors that lead to harassment, helping them take steps to stop it when they see it.

In addition, we’ll also be enhancing roughly 200 lessons by adding videos and assessment questions to further validate our Microlearning® framework, and ensure an engaging and effective learning experience for all learners.

Interested in learning more about how to set your own content roadmap? Download our whitepaper, Microlearning: The Modern Strategy for the Modern Workplace to learn how you can incorporate microlearning content into your team’s day-to-day.