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Why I’m Excited For 2016, Grovo’s Series C Funding, and the Future of Workplace Learning

Written by Grovo

It’s a brand new year, and we’ve got big plans here at Grovo. I’m fired up about everything we have in store. Let me tell you a bit about where we’re headed.


First, some fantastic news. Today, we just announced that we’ve closed $40M in Series C funding. The round was led by Accel, with participation from Costanoa Venture Capital, SoftTech VC, and Greg Waldorf, along with our newest investor, Vayner Capital. Accel also led our Series B and has been with us from day one, participating in every round since our launch back in 2010. Time and again, they’ve demonstrated tremendous belief in our team and our vision, and for that we’re extremely grateful.

This funding is going to enable us to aggressively pursue three key objectives this year. All three are essential to achieving our goal of transforming organizational behavior through learning people love.

1. Create an (even more) amazing product

After talking with folks in the learning space for the past five years, we’ve arrived at a simple but important discovery: great workplace learning isn’t about increasing what you know, it’s about transforming what you do. It’s about empowering people with the behaviors, habits, and skills to be extraordinary at their jobs. To do that, you need to give people the right learning at the right time. In fact, how and when you learn is actually more important than what you learn.

Building our product

Thus far, we’ve done a good job of pushing workplace learning forward with our current product, combining innovative technology and content with strategic advisory support. But with this funding, we can now invest more deeply in building a product that delivers perfectly-timed doses of learning that cause positive behaviors to thrive.

2. Continue building a world-class team

I couldn’t be more proud of this company, and everything we’ve achieved to date. But to truly live into our mission, we’ll need to continue building this great team of ours. Specifically, we need to hire best-in-class executives who have scaled and built companies before.

Members of our Client Services team

We’re already off to a great start, having brought on some key executive hires in the past few months—Joris Luijke, VP of People, Molly Lindsay, VP of Content, and Mike Rosenberg, Senior Director of Sales. These folks bring an immense wealth of talent and experience to our team, and they’ve set a high bar for the seats we’ve left to fill. Our success here at Grovo revolves around doing the hard work of getting the learning and development industry unstuck—and we need help from the best minds in business, technology, and learning to make it happen.

3. Make a bigger impact, faster

Right now, learners in 190 countries are benefiting from the work we do here at Grovo. We’ve delivered over 9 million learning moments to date at some of the most forward-thinking organizations in the world, like the Wyndham Hotel Group, WeWork, and the NBA. But this is only just the beginning.

We’ve seen how excited L&D folks get when they encounter Grovo, and we want to bring new products, ideas, and research to learning professionals faster than we could before. Spend any amount of time speaking with the people in this business, and they’ll tell you these advances can’t come soon enough. We need capital to make this happen, and this latest round of funding is going to help a great deal.

In closing, I’d like to share one crucial moment from 2015 that really exemplifies our journey to this point, and why I’m so thrilled for everything that’s yet to come. For the first time in 2015, we became our own customers. That is, we began using Grovo to train and develop our own team of more than 200 people. And the result has been phenomenal. Not only are our people genuinely excited about learning with Grovo and using it to explore their professional potential, but we’re all feeling an even greater commitment to helping good people get better at what they do, every single day.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to a great year.