Future of Learning Happening at Grovo Microlearning

Grovo is Cornerstone OnDemand’s 2018 Content Partner of the Year. And Things Just Got Even Better With Availability of Grovo Create Within Cornerstone.

Grovo Is Cornerstone OnDemand’s 2018 Content Partner of the Year
Written by Steven Carpenter

Last week at their annual Convergence Partner Summit in San Diego, Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) recognized Grovo as its Content Partner of the Year. I am absolutely thrilled that we were selected for this prestigious industry award amongst CSOD’s distinguished group of 35 partners in its growing content ecosystem.

The partnership with CSOD is not just an integral part of our go-to-market strategy. We both also share a similar vision of the future of the L&D industry where relevant and modern content is delivered in the flow of how people actually get their work done. By combining our industry-leading Microlearning® content with CSOD’s industry-leading talent management system, companies can deploy effective learning today with the best product and user experience in the market.

In forging such a close relationship with CSOD, we’ve been able to collectively give more organizations of all sizes and across every industry the opportunity to leverage and learn from our Microlearning® content right within the Cornerstone platform.

Working in tandem with the talent management system at the heart of our customers’ organizations is essential to making microlearning a core part of any organization’s learning strategy. We’re pleased to be able to bring more of our content into those organizations that are using Grovo and Cornerstone to transform their approach to learning.

And while it’s thrilling to be recognized by a leader, a trusted brand, and an invaluable partner, this is just the beginning for our burgeoning relationship.

Today, I’m proud to announce that Cornerstone OnDemand customers can now use Grovo to tailor and create their own targeted Microlearning® content that meets the specific needs of their organization.

Grovo Create will be available as an add-on to the existing platform and allow organizations to further benefit from the winning combo of our customizable content library and Cornerstone’s content service to truly integrate learning into the flow of everyone’s daily work. Now, joint customers can access Grovo within Content Anytime, the complete Grovo Microlearning Library, and customize Grovo content using Create- a complete microlearning solution-without ever leaving Cornerstone’s solution.

Our partnership has allowed organizations like Fossil Group and Iberia Bank to seamlessly integrate Grovo’s Microlearning® content into the Cornerstone Learning Suite in order to accelerate employee development and drive performance.

Thank you Cornerstone and our amazing customers!

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