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Grooming Your Skills Doesn’t Have to Be Ruff: Training with the American Kennel Club

AKC Bulldog Puppies
Written by Grovo

For years, the American Kennel Club had been dogged by a singular problem: how to get their 300-plus employees aligned and up-to-date on everything from compliance issues, to digital skills, to leadership development. With offices in North Carolina and New York, along with a pack of traveling, remote workers, scheduling training sessions was more like…well, herding cats.

akcThe venerable kennel club had previously had one staff member responsible for an annual training event, and when that person left, so too did learning at AKC. Which meant that the organization was desperate for a comprehensive, scalable, and cost effective way to teach their mostly veteran team a few new tricks.

“Training had fallen off at AKC, and so we needed to get it ingrained in the culture here again,” said Meaghan Dill, AKC’s human resources coordinator.

Enter Grovo.

Our partnership began with compliance training for select AKC team members, and it went so well that the program was expanded to all 350 employees and the launch of a robust American Kennel Club University. The HR team saw how Grovo’s short, flexible training modules were perfect for training the org’s busy, disparate staff.

In the first month alone, AKC saw an 89% completion rate, and that ball kept rolling: “Now, we assign the training and even our executive team does it. They think it’s a fantastic thing for the company—from the content, to the ease of the subject matter. Our leaders see the value and how it can make employees overall happier and more engaged,” says Dill.

Additionally, emboldened by the kennel’s playful vibe, Grovo presented AKC with internal marketing materials peppered with dog puns: a touch appreciated by AKC’s fun-loving team and a preview of the sort of service Grovo’s client success team provides.

Fresh content and more engaging training modules has meant AKC can create tailored training for various types of roles within their organization. And with the revival of AKC University, a blend of live sessions with Grovo’s microlearning videos and other incentives, the kennel club is seeing a learner engagement rate three times that of the industry average.

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“People are saying, ‘That was the most interesting [discrimination training] I’ve ever done.’ These modules are getting through to people. They’re visually and audibly engaging,” remarks Dill.

Some might say making compliance training interesting is a rather ‘impawsible’ task. But like a dog digging for his bone, we’re relentlessly enthusiastic about making learning more enjoyable for our clients and their learners.