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Free Checklist: Do Your Managers Make the Grade?

Written by Grovo

Here at Grovo we’re on a quest to rid the world of terrible managers. Not only are they bad for business (costing companies $360 billion a year in lost productivity), but research also suggests that if companies want to woo talented millennials, they’re going to have to step up their leadership game. Where to begin?

Part of the problem is that it’s tough to know who is a good manager and who is not. In our recent study, Good Manager, Bad Manager, 84% of managers say their company needs a better way to evaluate manager ability. After all, how can you objectively measure somebody’s ability to deliver feedback or have difficult conversations? It’s not easy.

The key is to stop thinking about management as a set of traits, and instead focus on behaviors—basically, spell out exactly what it is you want your managers to do. That way expectations are clear, and everybody across the organization, employees and managers alike, can benefit from a consistent experience.

To help you get started, we’ve created this handy checklist outlining 10 behaviors the most effective managers do. Download it, share it, and most importantly get people at your organization talking about it. Management matters. For more insights and actionable tips on how to level up the managers at your organization, get your copy of Good Manager, Bad Manager here and let’s put an end to moments like this once and for all.

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