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The Four Most Important Words In Human Resource Management

Written by Grovo

As I sat down to write this post (to tell you about a new HR communication product from Grovo, full disclosure), I began thinking about some of the most pressing questions facing our industry today:

How can we improve the employee experience? How can we inspire a more engaged workforce? How can we attract and retain top millennial talent in an increasingly competitive market?

These are complex challenges and there are no easy answers.

But one thing is for certain. The economy is on the rebound, and what employees value today is changing before our very eyes.

A recent study found that nearly 4 out of 5 employees would prefer “quality of life” type benefits like paid parental leave, childcare assistance, and wellness programs…over a pay increase.

This is a powerful reminder that our profession is as much about humans as it is resources. And in a job seeker’s market, it’s up to us to continually communicate a simple and powerful message to the people we seek to attract and develop for our organizations:

“We care about you.”

Four simple words—but difficult ones to live into. Especially because not only are the demands of today’s top talent shifting under our feet, but business leaders are increasingly looking to HR departments to come up with innovative ways to provide bottom line value to the company.

That’s why today I’m very excited to tell you about a brand new product from all of us here at Grovo. It’s called Grovo Handbook.

Meet a smarter way to give your employees the resources they need to be safe, happy, and informed at work.

Meet a smarter way to give your employees the resources they need to be safe, happy, and informed at work.

What’s Grovo Handbook?

Let’s start here: keeping your employees healthy, safe, and secure is one of the strongest ways to attract and keep top talent at your organization. But what happens when an employee has questions about health benefits? Or paid time off? Or a company security policy?

Often one of two things happens. Either a one-off email arrives in your inbox (likely asking a question you’ve already answered many times this week) or the employee is forced to navigate a 100-page employee manual or a confusing web portal that makes it difficult to get the answers they need.

This isn’t just a frustrating inconvenience—it’s a real business problem. When communication around benefits is unclear, employees are 20% less likely to be engaged and 3.4 times more likely to be hostile.

Grovo Handbook changes all that.

With Grovo Handbook, your people get critical HR information in short, engaging videos easily accessed from any device—right on our beautiful learning platform.


Grovo Handbook makes it a breeze for people to get access to important policy information.


Not only will Grovo Handbook help employees better understand all the benefits, policies, and best practices required for a long, productive relationship with your company, but it will also show them you value their time and care about giving them a fantastic employee experience.


With Grovo Handbook, people get HR-related questions answered in a fast, refreshing way.


Getting Grovo Handbook for your organization couldn’t be easier. You give us your company’s unique policy information, and our team will create beautiful, engaging microlearning videos just like the ones you see here.


Grovo Handbook helps people understand their options, so they can make better decisions.


Grovo Handbook currently comes in four packages: Benefits Overview, Time Off & Leave, Security, and Emergency Safety Procedures. Each package contains 10-15 lessons, crafted to deliver the key information your people need. As of right now, we can turn them around in as little as 2-4 weeks.


Grovo Handbook uses clear, concise communication to keep your people safe.


Grovo Handbook is a fresh and innovative way to improve the employee experience, drive engagement, save time, and reinforce one of the most important messages your employees need to hear from your organization: you care.

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