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Engaged To Be Engaged: Grovo’s Friday Roundup

Written by Grovo

Like a summer wedding on the horizon, L&D is all about engagement on this beautiful late spring weekend. Enjoy the weather by setting up a beach chair in your yard and cozying up with these choice selections from the world of training media.

Bermuda’s The Royal Gazette ran an article by Deloitte about how “A good learning system engages employees. One Canadian company they profiled increased engagement by 30% after “revitalizing” their learning platforms.

The Editor’s Letter from Chief Learning Officer magazine explained their overall recipe for success: “What really sets the best learning and development organizations is their passion. It’s the deep sense of purpose that drives what they do and why they do it. It’s not just intellectual or financial. It’s emotional; an unmistakable and authentic feeling that suffuses their work.”, which reports on news for and about the Maritime industry, cautioned against cutting training and professional development budgets during tough economic times. “Professional development increases productivity, improves employee interaction and reduces staff churn, all of which contribute to a positive impact on the bottom line—meaning it should remain a key element of any business’s strategy.”

A March 2015 report, “Global Corporate Training Market 2015-2019” from, predicts that corporate training will see a compound annual increase of 8.77% through 2019. That’s fueled by the need for technical and non-technical skills development, the growing competitive global business market, and the trend toward blended learning techniques. A continuing challenge will be the ability to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of training.

According to this article at, one of the best ways to engage employees in professional development is to hand them the keys to the car. “When you provide employees with access to resources, not only will they feel like they are gaining value from their relationship with their employer, but also they will be empowered to develop their professional skills.”

An article in Human Resource Executive Online explains why HR professionals rarely get to partake of the leadership development programs that they assign out professionally.

Have a great spring weekend!