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New eBook: Future-Proof Your Workforce With Microlearning

Written by Grovo

When Peter Drucker—often described as “the founder of modern management”—said years ago that, “the rate at which an organization learns may be its only competitive advantage,” he never could have predicted how right he would be. In a world that is changing faster than ever, the modern organization’s learning and development strategy is key to recruiting and retaining top talent who are equipped to grow with the business. Today’s employees want professional development, yet the research shows that a lack of effective opportunities is leading to higher disengagement, increased turnover, and thousands of wasted corporate dollars.

It’s not for lack of trying—organizations spend $140 billion a year on workplace learning initiatives  But as the need for better learning has increased, employees’ attention spans have decreased to roughly 8 seconds. It’s no wonder traditional workplace training methods are no longer delivering the results they once did. Today’s workers interact with the world differently, and they learn differently, too. Many would prefer to learn by watching a YouTube video over reading a printed PDF, and work on the go from their mobile devices rather than be chained to a desktop.

Thanks to technology, digital media, and a greater understanding of cognitive science, microlearning has steadily emerged as the ideal learning solution that meets the needs of today’s tech-savvy, attention-strapped workforce. And it’s quickly becoming one of the key components of effective employee training.

This week, we released a new eBook all about microlearning: Future-Proof Your Workforce with Microlearning. Why Bite-Sized Learning Is the Secret to Thriving in Today’s Fast-changing Workplace. Grovo’s been at this microlearning thing since our start in 2010, and we’ve collected plenty of knowledge, data, and insights on the subject. We’re excited to compile all these learnings into one eBook for you that explains what microlearning is, how to create micro-content, and the measurable value it brings organizations—including real-life Grovo customer results.


What is microlearning?

Microlearning was first introduced back in 2004, and has since exploded as a top area of interest in workplace learning. In fact, according to the 2017 L&D Global Sentiment Survey, microlearning went from #5 top area of interest in 2015 to #3 in 2017.

Everyone is interested, so what exactly is it? Microlearning breaks down the learning process into bite-size bursts using principles of brain science. Instead of adding to the information overload, well-crafted microlearning lessons quickly capture people’s attention, motivate action, and make learning stick in the context of day-to-day work. While many learners may consider traditional corporate training content as long, boring, and ineffective, microlearning content is short, engaging, and relevant. Employees are more inspired to learn—which boosts their performance—and companies save time and money on developing and administering faster training.

How does microlearning work?

Contrary to popular belief, microlearning isn’t just breaking down longer lessons into shorter segments. It’s a flexible, multi-media learning style that matches both the speed of business today and modern learner preferences.

Microlearning can be delivered in a variety of formats, but the most engaging (and our favorites) include video, GIFs, text, audio, and quizzes. All of these work together to help create short, engaging, fast-to-consume content that keeps learners actively engaged, maximizes information retention, and leads to real changes in behavior.

The microlearning format doesn’t disrupt an employee’s workday, the content looks and feels like the apps they use everyday, and it’s a true next generation learning approach. And micro-content empowers just-in-time performance, ready to be retrieved by the learner when it’s needed most, allowing them to practice and perform behaviors right away on the job. Think of it like a personal, on-demand trainer for every employee.

Microlearning benefits every organization

Whether your organization is small or large, looking to purchase an LMS for the first time, or is already offering some type of eLearning to your employees, microlearning benefits every organization.

Some of our customers like LivePerson, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Magellan Health are seeing the following benefits using Grovo’s microlearning solution:

  • Increased user adoption by 59%
  • Decreased onboarding time by 50%
  • Increased user engagement by 80%

It’s very clear microlearning is better for learners and organizations.

  • 58% of employees say they’d use their company’s learning software more if the content was broken up into shorter lessons
  • When compared to traditional training, microlearning is 50% cheaper in cost, 300% faster to develop, and drives 20% more information retention
Feel the value of microlearning

The writing’s on the wall: companies must adapt their learning approach to meet the new demands of the digital age, or risk falling behind—and microlearning is the perfect place to start.

For more information or to learn more about microlearning can ignite better job performance and build a culture of continuous learning into your organization, download our new eBook today!