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Introducing Prebuilt Campaigns and Enhanced Assignment Flows to Engage Learners in a Snap

Prebuilt Campaigns
Written by Edmond Au

Customers love Grovo for our binge-worthy library of 2500+ Microlearning lessons. With so much great content in our library, selecting the perfect set of lessons and tracks to support business-critical learning can take up a lot of an admin’s time. That’s why we’re introducing two new enhancements–prebuilt campaigns and seamless browse-to-assign flows–to save admins time by making it super simple to assign our most popular Microlearning content to employees.

Seamlessly create learning campaigns from the lessons and tracks you’re browsing

Before, the Library section (to browse lessons and tracks) and the Campaigns section (to create automated learning assignments) were very separate parts of the admin experience on Grovo, which complicated the process of finding great content and assigning it to learners who needed it. We’re taking down those barriers with enhancements that let you now click “Assign” right from the track landing page, or select and assign lessons or tracks you want from the browsing view in the Library. Clicking “Assign” will create a new campaign with your selected content already filled in. You can then preview, customize, and assign your campaign.

Any Grovo user with “Assign” permissions, including standard admin roles, can see and use the new seamless browse-to-assign flows.

No time to hunt for the best content to engage learners? No problem with prebuilt campaigns.

Check out the new “Built by Grovo” tab in the Campaigns section to see our new prebuilt campaigns. We’ve collected our most popular lessons and tracks into templates that are ready for you to copy, customize, and assign to your learners.

Here are our first seven prebuilt campaigns, with more to come:

  1. New York Sexual Harassment Compliance for Managers
  2. New York Sexual Harassment Compliance for Employees
  3. California Sexual Harassment Compliance for Managers
  4. California Sexual Harassment Compliance for Employees
  5. Unconscious Bias
  6. Persuasive Communication
  7. Productivity

Ready to level up? Review a prebuilt campaign and use triggered assignments in the campaign so you can automatically assign the right content at just the right time, like when someone joins the company, takes on a new role, or transfers to a new office.

Any Grovo user with “Assign” role permission, including standard admin roles, can see and copy prebuilt campaigns in the “Built by Grovo” tab in Campaigns.

Prebuilt campaigns: Perfect for CA, NY, and NYC sexual harassment compliance

You’ll notice four of our prebuilt campaigns focus on providing this important training for managers and employees alike. More than just checking the box on training, the content in these prebuilt campaigns positions sexual harassment training as an opportunity to build inclusive workplaces. You can learn more about how to take a modern approach to sexual harassment in our upcoming webinar on 10/9.

What prebuilt campaigns would you like to see next?

Our in-house team of learning experts is curating more prebuilt campaigns to support the business-critical, cross-functional learning that helps employees to thrive. Tell us @Grovo what you’d like to see next.