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Developing Yourself as a Manager—Your Personal Growth Path

Written by Ben Contillo

It’s Friday! It’s almost Halloween! But here at Grovo, what we’re most excited about today is the fact that we’re releasing a brand new competency within our Management Skills curriculum.


Becoming a manager is an achievement; becoming a great manager takes ongoing commitment. “Developing Yourself as a Manager: Your Personal Development Path,” our new competency within Grovo’s Management Skills curriculum, helps individuals develop the skills and knowledge that will help them grow into managers able to capably handle the demands of the job.

At Grovo, we hear a lot about the challenges new managers face, and we know a lot about them first hand, as well! We’ve channeled all this know-how into this new competency, which is particularly focused on supporting new managers in acquiring the skills needed to manage a team with confidence.  Here’s a sneak preview, and below check some more detail on other topics covered.

Transitioning from peer to manager

Aside from the added responsibilities that come with a management position, there are other pressures that can arise from shifting social dynamics. Are you still allowed to be friends with people who report to you? What about BFFs? Knowing how to navigate the possible tensions helps everyone keep focused on the work at hand.

Individual development plans

You have a ton of work, a ton of meetings, now you have one-on-ones with the folks on your team… how do you carve out the time and mental energy to focus on your own continued development? Individual development plans allow you to address these issues head on. Giving yourself the time you need and setting up actionable goals ensures that these vital areas of personal and professional growth don’t fall by the wayside.


As a manager, you have to make sure everyone else is doing the right work and doing it well. You have a lot of additional meetings. Although it may feel like you have to shoulder this burden alone, there are management techniques that can help you embrace your new responsibilities without losing track of your old ones.

Managing stress

Managing stress and your own behavior is a huge part of being a great manager. People deal with stress in different ways. I like to go sit outside for a few minutes. My manager PJ likes to work out. I hear Drake lights scented candles and takes a bubble bath—to each his own. The important thing as a manager is to be able to minimize stress through time management and delegation.


Finding a great mentor is a crucial step towards becoming the kind of manager and person you want to be. Our lessons will help you identify a suitable mentor and learn how to approach him or her. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk up to them and say “Hey Bill Gates, I’m a big fan of your vibe. Make me like you, please.” It won’t work. Believe me, I know.

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